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Episode 32 & 33- April 28th Print E-mail

Episode 33 - Elimination night

Bottom 3

1.  Matt Giraud

2.  Chris Allen

3.  Adam Lambert

Well, what are they thinking?  Hahaha.  It's called good television. I believe they will send home Matt Giraud tonight.  They just put Adam in the bottom 3 to make people think he's in trouble.  Haha.

Natalie Cole just sang. Well, hmmmm...she sang one of my faves. "Someting's Gotta Give"  Hmmm.... I think she needs to come in here for a few lessons to brush up before she goes to Korea!  Love this living legend, and yes, the style is allowed to be a bit "under pitch" and that is okay, but what on earth happened at the end? That was taken to a whole new level of uh... somethin'... and I don't think I can give it any excuse. I am usually the last one to critique my diva legendary sisters, but my oh my.  I'm going to say it - yes, I could do better.  It was in a simple key and was crying for more..... but at least she was committed to her message, and she has lovely presence. Okay -  Only here in the privacy of my site will you witness yes, indeed, me disappointed in my sista's performance.  At least she looked smokin' hot though, cuz she's gotta be like - up there by now eh? LOL! Black don't crack. Hmmm hmmm.

Now they have Taylor Hicks playing.  I never saw his season, but I'm in love with him already. What charm he has on that stage and presence.  I love his charisma and energy.  Kinda sounds a wee bit like Gokey.  I can see why won.  Wonder if Danny will win this season?  What do you think?  Oh... I can't believe I'm getting swept in to all this "winning" nonsense.  

His advice was cute "making all the right moves on stage and letting them know you have the best voice."  Awe.  Even he doesn't get it.

Wow - they just sent Kris back to safety.  OMG!  Matt is going home already.  They're not gonna send home Adam already. That would be stupid. They're just trying to make good television.


Our adorable Jamie Foxx is singing. Interesting mic effect eh? It's been popular these days and I'm hoping to dies off soon cuz it's much harder to connect to the soul of the singer. Nonetheless, although it appears that he is lip syncing, he is not.  He is really singing - and moving all over the place! How cute is that! Awe, his little turn thingy at the end was darling when he pretended to play the drums.  

He said, "I saw 5 of the most talented people I saw in the past 10 years." He said after they go home, still show them respect.  They said, "These people are true artists." 

"47 million votes" - Matt G is going home.  Surprise. 

It's cool that Matt said he envisioned himself when he used to play at the piano bar.  See - things are created MENTALLY before they happen physically! MIND, SOUL, VOICE! 

Now Matt sings.... he would have went home regardless of what he sang.  It was just his time.


Episode 32

Tuesday, April 28th

Songs from the Rat Pack era! Jamie Foxx is the mentor! Very cool!


Kris Allen 

"The Way You Look Tonight"

I like how Jamie quoted Chris by saying "I'm right here."  He's talking about PRESENCE!

Dot's Live Reactions:  Okay... I'm ready for this to be amazing.... hmm.... just not so found of all the runs and stylization.  Hmmm. for me, it was just okay.  I think like Jamie said, if I'm blown away, I don't know it.  Too much decoration for me sweetie.  Sorry.  

Randy:  Randy thinks it was his best performance to date. Took time, told a story.  

Kara: You set the technical standard high for this evening. Phrasing, rhythm, prhasing and timing.

Paula:  Transitioned - handsome, sophisticated gentleman. She mentioned "Quiet Confidence" again (a Dot Term) and said it was near impeccible.

Simon - Not as enthusiastic. Thought it was a little bit "wet."  Safe, quite nice and didn't think it was incredible. He doesn't think Kris can win.

Dot's Advice:  Well, this is rare for me, but, I actually agree with Simon.  Three of the judges loved you and although your timing and phrasing were "on," I just didn't feel the usual connection to you that makes you shine for me.  I always love you, but for me, this performance was actually the least interesting because I wasn't able to follow your subtext or go on a journey with you.  For me, you weren't as present - just really, really cute looking.  =)


Allison Iraheta 

Jamie is teaching her SUBTEXT!  I LOVE YOU JAMIE!  He told Allison to think of the love of her family during the song.  Great place to start but it has to evolve throughout the song. 

Dot's Live Reactions:  Sounds so pretty.  Now show the vulnerability of the song from your heart. Great key for you.  A flawless delivery.  Great choices.  You can still work on the subtext, but I think you were WONDERFUL!

Randy:  You sing like Pink but with 9,000 more octaves! Loved it!

Kara:  That was a gut wrenching deep emotional way beyond your years rendition, and if that doesn't land you in the finals, I dont know what will.

Paula:  Been waiting to hear you sing a value.  You delivered the innocent, alluring tender side of your voice we haven't heard.

Simon: Asks if she can win. She says yes, but he says he's not convinced.  He said your performance was like a 7/10.  Kara - said he was crazy.  Randy came back and said you were on point vocally.

Dot's Advice:  OMG sweetie, YOU RULE! I think Simon is just doing his job and pretending to be stupid.  Just keep committing to your message and giving more.  The only thing I can say is, that the song was very challenging because it required you to be open and vulnerable.  If you're just scoring that part of your performance, then yes, maybe it was a 7/10, but your amazing vocal ability and presence and energy overshadowed it.  Just keep working on what each verse means to you. I have a wonderful worksheet and class, that can help you carry out your train of thought through an entire song, but you have to come in for that or wait until the product comes out.  


Matt Giraud

Jamie - first advice was "It's a big song, so have a thought for each part"  VERY TRUE!  I love you Jamie!  (So far, he has been the best mentor in my opinion!)

Had him change the key.  

Dot's Live reactions:  Hmmm.... the runs suit this song, but the tone of your voice sounds more twangy on words like "are."  You should not hold out the "rrr." Soften the tone.  It's just slightly unpleasant, but nice held out (sustained) notes though.  Overall, it was fine.  Since I love jazz, it was more enjoyable to me than any other song you've sang and I think you were more present with a subtext.  Thank you dear. 

Randy: Pitchy - didn't come together for him. 

Kara: Didn't feel you were emotionally connected to it.

Paula:  Loved  it and was glad he lowered the key and felt the emotional connection. Pure, simple and really impressive.  Excellent job.  

Simon: He thought it was the only believable authentic song he's heard tonight.  

Dot's Advice:  Even though you did great tonight, I have a feeling you might be going home.  If you do go home, I would consider recording an album in this genre, but watch your tone.  Don't get twangy.


Danny Gokey

Jamie - YOU ARE THE MAN! Got right up in his face! YES! That's absolutely right, because he made Danny notice his walls and deal with them! Excellent. (I know, I'm sure many of my students freaked out when they saw this because I use the same technique. I have to admit, it sort of surprised me that he pulled a "Dot" on Danny! Hahhah!) This is what I'm talking about when I say "Own your energy." But oftentimes, first you have to have someone break through your "walls" in order to know you have them. Then you can own what you have to offer, from a more open, free space. That's deep. Actors know this. Singers think they can fake it. NOPE! Jamie - have you been on my site? You said he embodies and channels what he feels! Haha!  

Dot's Live Reactions:  Off to a great start.  Held my interest the whole time.  

Randy: Once again - You are the only one I've heard so far that could have an album of songs like that and win.  

Kara: You have "Swag" tonight.... that was the most creative you have ever been with a melody.

Paula:  Stellar.  

Simon:  Swagger and confidence.  

Dot's Advice:  Do you see what happens now when you have subtext through an entire song and a plan to go with it?  Nice job tonight. I'm not sure if TV is capturing it the way it really was. 

Adam Lambert

Jamie Foxx rules!  What a wonderful mentor he has been, because he can tap into each artist and connect with them in a deep way - because he is deep. You can only appreciate music and talent at the level of your own consciousness.  Jamie has done his homework, and he's been challenging the Idols to do theirs.  Adam has done his as well, so the two of them both "get it." 

Dot's Live Reactions:  Off to a great start up on those steps, owning your presence as usual... committed.  Interesting. Not my favorite from you, but you're still keepin' it real honey. 

Randy:  A little theatrical, but you were in the zone consistently.

Kara: Mouth drops open everytime you perform. Confusing and shocking and sleezy... but I don't know, I Like you.

Paula:  You make me feel better than good.

Simon:  Best entrance we've had of the year so far. 

Dot's advice:  Adam, I hope you have a few more tricks up your sleeve, but if you don't, it's okay, as long as you stay committed to your message and keep choosing INTERESTING songs that you can really connect authentically to and bring your audience with you. You know that. Tonight, we got to see some of the other contestants begin to catch on to the "magic of the moment," with the help of good old Jamie Foxx, so keep upping your game.  I have a feeling you will. 




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