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Episode 31

Wednesday, April 22nd

OMG - LOOK AT PAULA!  She got herself in a hot hot dress!

Haha!  Paula choreographed, and I'm actually impressed  and amused that so many straight guys can dance like that!  Hahaha!  Good for them! Wow, even cute little Kris pulled it together and so called "clumsy" Danny Gokey is doing great! That's really rare though, for singer dudes to be able to sing with such presence like that in a group setting. Perhaps there is some new ingredient in milk that they are feeding children?  tee hee.

Okay - I have to say I am very impressed!!! THEY DID GREAT!  And it's so fun to see our judges do what they love most.  Those kids are lucky cuz they get to lip sync on elimination/group night season, but back in the olden days, in our old performing groups when we did stuff like this, we had to work with choreographic around mic chords!  Even though it appears that they have wireless mics, I'm pretty sure they are not singing live and have not been on Wednesday nights.  Honestly, if that truly was live, I'm highly, highly impressed, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't. 


Forde Commercial

Febi should have been the dog in the dog spa.  What were they thinking? 

Lil is going home.  They didn't even make her wait.  Hmmmm...

Lil sings "Every Woman" that vest is cool.  Awe, her dad is so proud. How adorable is that.     

Paula: "What a classy way to go, singing on top of your game?

Randy" This is just the beginning baby"

Simon "I'm a fan, you made some bad decisions like many do"

Kara "I think you learned something and I think you're going to use it in your career in the next so many years." 

Dot:   "SWEETIE, you don't have to try.  Trust.  Now it's just about owning what you got and really enjoying it from a deep place.  Don't push your voice.  You already got it goin' on and you did well in this competition, so use your voice wisely by embodying notes and making choices that allow you to enjoy and own what you got. 

Frida Payne.  Okay, this is a disco diva, but she is walking all over the place and dancing.  It appears that she has getting more exercise in years.  I think she ought to sit in a stool and rest, cuz I want to connect to her voice.  She is practically doing laps around the stage!  Hahaha!  I guess she would like to prove that she's not old.

Thelma Houston.  Okay lady in yellow (cute dress), ground yourself now.  Mmmhmmmm.  She's singing to Simon.  Hahaha.  Interesting.  Well, no matter how these women appear, they are legends, so nothing can really touch them cuz they too old to care anyway.  Tee hee.  

Casey of Casey and the Sunshine band. (dude in red shirt)

OMG - Well, this is great for the parents/grandparents who watch because they probably remember these people.  And it's fun to see what they are like now.  Awe.  Cute choreography with the dancer ladies.  Can you see how the moves are throwing off his mic placement?

Kris is safe.

Adam is safe, and made a very IMPORTANT COMMENT FOR SINGERS ABOUT ARTIST AWARENESS!  HE SAID, "As long as the lyrics were sung honestly, it didn't matter"  THERE YOU GO PEOPLE. That's exactly what my VLOG was about!

Danny - safe

Allison Iraheta  - bottom 3.  Dang

Matt Giraud - safe.  Dang.   

Commercial.  Sheish. They can't send Allison home cuz she's the only girl, so it has to be Anoop!

David Archelletta

Awe.  He's cheekie. He can finally just sing and not be nervous.  But this song is... an interesting kind mellow choice.  Okay.  The thing about David that makes him so lovely is that the energy that moves through his spirit when he sings is so powerful. It didn't do it as much as I've heard him in the past cuz he's moving around a lot, but he's such a sweet little thing, isn't he?

His advice was GREAT for the Anoop and Allison, reminding them that it's not over after the show. That's what I've said often on my vlogs and in my blogs.  It's just the beginning if they really want it.  Anoop is gone - so I believe.

 Okay, so now Anoop is singing cuz he's going home... and it's interesting to really listen to their subtext when they sing.  He really has a lovely voice though.  

WOW - ANOOP THANKED THE VOCAL COACHES!!! HOOORAY ANOOP!  That's the first time I ever heard an Idol thank a Vocal coach.  It's about time!  Hahahah! 

Episode 30

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009


“I’m Every Woman”

(good song choice - FINALLY HONEY!)

Live Reactions: Watch yourself cuz you almost fell walking backwards.  Are you ill or something? Energy is a little "off" maybe?  You look amazing.  Love that hair! It’s hot!  You are so picture-perfect!

You are working out the song, but I’m not sure you’re tapped into your voice from a solid place from within.  Still "trying."  I think all the media/judges opinions has possibly gotten to you.  Am I wrong?  The energy of your voice feels somewhat forced or like you’re trying to over-compensate for something.  Are you okay?  Are you trying to "show them"?

Randy:  It sounded so wild – you can sing, but it didn’t show us what kind of artist you are.  It was big and grand and you danced, but it didn’t show your vocal control.

Kara:  Not sure it was worth the wait. “You’ve been every other woman but yourself, but tonight they still didn’t tell you what you have as an artist.”

Paula – Commented on her vocal recovery.

Simon: Glad you had fun because he thinks it’s your last week because there was no originality, copy cat and the arrangement and vocals were a mess.

Lil Says:  I had fun.  Doesn’t believe she was karaoke at all tonight. 

Dot’s Advice: Well.... your song choice was much better.  You did some good things vocally and were shaky on other parts.  I say, "Just sing honey!"  You are great in so many ways, but remember, it's not about showing them what you can do, it's about owning it and making WISE CHOICES within WHAT YOU GOT and who YOU choose to be.  You say you did switch up the original version, but it's not just about changing notes.  It's about connecting in a very DEEP WAY to the meaning of the song and committing  to it.  Remember?

Kris Allen

Donna Summer - "She Works Hard for the Money"

Live Reactions:  You're not as on as much as usual vocally, but as you're getting into it... interesting arrangement.  I think you won me over again.  Surprisingly.  You're just so committed (at the beginning rough, but then you recovered).

Kara:  You took a risk and it payed off.

Paula:  You shopped in the women's department and had a perfect fit!  

Simon: Polar opposite to first performance (Lil) original, well thought out, and not karaoke. Fantastic performance.

Randy:  You know who you are and are ready for big time - this proves it.

Dot's Advice: YES!  I agree with the judges - particularly Kara and Paula!  LOL!  


Danny Gokey

"Dancin' in September"

Live reaction: EXCELLENT SONG CHOICE!  GOOD BOY! The key is a bit of risk, but you're pulling it off.  I love the opening GROWL.  It was just fun. Good song pick. 

Randy:  You turned this into something that really worked for you tonight. (He was worried about the song choice.)

Kara:  Was initially worried for you, but says you're an incredible vocalist and your pitch was right on.  Another solid performance... hopes it's memorable.

Paula:  You chose to show your vocal range and not change the arrangement...

Simon:  Actually agrees with everyone, but says he didn't get star power from the performance. At this stage you have to do something special.  It was awkward and clumsy.  

Dot's Advice:  I was just thrilled that you chose this song, because it was great for the tone of your voice.  Would be smart to keep picking songs like this that you can really embody and commit to.  Work out your blocking and know why you make every move on stage. You have been consistent in your performances, so keep up the good work. 


Allison Iraheta 

"Hot Stuff"

Interesting outfit honey.  Woah.  Awesome tone and mood at opening.  Nice level change.  Interesting arrangement.  Hmmmmm... it's a good contrast from what you usually do.  Nice choreography.  You perform like a superstar. WHAT A GREAT vocal RUN AT THE END!  I LOVE YOU!  You sold it to me sweetie.  Who cares what they say!

Randy: Didn't love arrangement, but he loved you.

Kara:  Slowing it down was not a good idea, but right song and one of best singers.  She gave the vocals a 9 or 10.  (Whatever - it was a 10 HONEY!)

Paula: Loved arrangement and said it did not veer from your authenticity and you hit the last notes off the charts! ROCKED ON!

Simon: Brilliant performance.  

My Advice:  OMG.  Keep on doing what you're doing sweetie.  You are a superstar.  You kind of remind me of Joan Jett.. LOL.  I love her too.   


Adam Lambert

"If I can't Have You"

I like that you're connecting to the first part of the song.  I see how you worked your scream in there... but I didn't really like it for this song.  Other than that it was lovely.

Randy:  Dude, you are ready right now!  He is the hot one tonight America!

Kara:  Adam, you're brilliant. Every week you up it for me. Tonight was the most memorable performance. The emotion and the way you connected was inspiring. 

Paula:  Tonight you chose to pick a disco song and not make it cliche... I felt your pain and emotional connection.

Simon: Did something we weren't expecting. (He thought it was gonna be Donna Summer.) It was original and we'll remember it.  Immaculate vocals.  

Ryan - You made me laugh - he said it was "A Pool of Abdul" cuz Paula was crying! Hahahah!

My Advice:  Adam, it was so cool that you gave Michael credit.  I love how thoughtful you are.  Most of the Idols NEVER do this, so it's very cool that you are giving the musicians the credit they deserve as they do work very very hard and are some of the world's best!  As a vocal coach, I'm really wondering what your lower register sounds like and if you can connect to it through an entire song.  That's about all we have not seen from you. How low can you sing and can you get it as powerful and "connected" as the upper?  Whether you take my challenge or not, you are still AMAZING HONEY.  Just use the scream sparingly. I know it's your signature, but it was a bit shrill for me tonight. Nonetheless, you were committed to it.

Matt Giraud

"Stayin' Alive"

Live Reactions: I like this song choice for you dear.  I like your charisma and nice high note. Cool that you got the back-up ladies in your song.  The last note was NOT a good idea the way you drew it out and all over the place like that.  It left a bad taste in my mouth.  Bummer. 

Randy:  Didn't love the song choice or arrangement, but you can really sing.  

Kara:  You brought disco back.  Likes to see you move.  A good, solid performance.

Paula:  You picked the right song.  Tonight after this performance you saved your own life.

Simon:  Didn't like it. Get yourself out of Idol Land and put yourself in the real world.  It came over as desperate.  (I disagree, but not in a big way.)

Advice:  Hmmmm.... at least you didn't do too many runs - until the end where you got carried away.  I was soooo with you until then.  Would have been better to just end the song on a solid note.  It's like, putting too much ribbon on a lovely gift - it just ruins the whole effect.  Pull back the frills honey and just SING!  I'm still trying to fall in love with your voice and I truly haven't yet... but you seem like a nice kid and I certainly respect your gift.  If you do stay alive, please find a GREAT song next week and JUST SING IT.

Anoop Desai

My Reactions:  Interesting gote look.  You seem nervous honey?  I don't like this song AT ALL, but I'm enjoying this long, held-out note on "fill you uuuuuup." The energy is there. Why did you pick this song? 

Randy: Nice baby, nice.

Kara: Thought it was a great song choice.  Sounded like it could be on the radio.  Last 2 weeks your best performances. (Hmmmmm.  I don't agree on the song choice.)

Paula: Loves  your look.  "Real men know how to wear pink."  Start - hit the magical zone in your voice.  When it hit up-tempo, great. 

Simon: Said it was mediocre at best. (I actually agree with him on that, but he's getting carried away.) Said it was your worst performance ever.  

My Advice:  Hmmmmm... can you pick a more well-known song next week, but keep it a ballad.

POSSIBLE BOTTOM 3: Anoop, Lil, Matt.  

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