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Episode 29 

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 

Bottom 3

Anoop Desai

Lil Rounds

Matt Giraud 

Matt is being sent home.... oh wait a minute, they saved him!  LOL!  I have to admit, I'm quite shocked.  Wanna hear my live comments on the whole show. They are coming soon.

Episode 28 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Film maker Quinton Teratino - Tunes from the Silver Screen

He was a judge before on Idol. Interesting. Hmmmmm... Can this guy even sing?  WHATEVER! 

They want him to direct them. Okay... we'll see how this guy does. He'll probably comment on their body language more than anything.  Directors pay BIG attention to stuff like that.  


Allison Iraheta

“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

Lovely song choice honey!

My reactions:  I like that you have a subtext from the start and you are committed to your flow during the song.

Why go backwards up stairs? Be careful. Not a good idea to do that on a stage unless you really have it down. Not sure what your subtext was but you sounded hot! (As usual.)

Paula – Complemented you for not compromising your authenticity.

Simon – Hot spicy barbecue sauce.  He said you are the girl’s only hope left in this competition. (Ouch – that was a slam on Lil.) You believe you have a chance of winning and we could see you all the way to the end.

Dot:  Thanks for giving another consistent, hot performance. Just watch your blocking. If Quinton told you to do that, I’m sorry. At least they hid some of the awkward moves on TV. You are so on the border of being completely present, that you are pulling off not having a subtext to fall back on, but honey, it might be a good idea to get one. It will give you even more of an edge.



"Every Thing I Do, I Do it for You"

I like this song choice.  

Overall, nice performance, but NO CLIMAX? What was the highest point of the song?  I think Quintin was trying to help you realize that.

Randy: Getting better every time and thought you did good.

Kara: Thought it was one of your best songs because she felt connected to you.

Dot:  Ryan asked what you were thinking when you sang. You said, "I can't say."  I'd like to know why.  


Adam Lambert

"Born To Be Wild"

Great Song choice again buddy!

Okay - you see how Adam walked backwards - that's how to do it so you don't upstage yourself. Good blocking note. Love that signature scream you work into all your songs. Okay - a bit much on the high notes at the top. Like, I guess it was wild. Ha-ha-ha. You are so funny I love it. 

Paula:  The reason you're shaking up this whole competition is that you dare to dance in the path of greatness. Fortune rewards the brave and you're one of the bravest contestants I've ever witnessed.

Simon:  Vocally incredible.  Said part of it was like the Rocky Horror Musical.  Doesn't think it will be as popular as last week. Thought last week was more original. The crowd is roaring.

Dot: You are young, sexy, FUN, EXCITING and unpredictable. And thank you for taking my advice and doing a starting in the lower register of your voice.  Just don't get too "indulgent" on the high notes - but since it was "Born To Be Wild" you gave yourself permission to be WILD! Gotta LOVE IT! 

Matt Giraud

"To Really Ever Loved A Woman" 

Randy - Interview - Asked him where his confidence level is. He picked a song he loved and back to keys. Quintin advised to not lose the lyrics (diction wise).

Live Comments... nice to hear you slow down, but it's feeling a bit awkward as you flip into falsetto.  It was just okay for me sweetie. Just watch that falsetto flip.  I have some great drills that can help strengthen that in you, but I've heard you do a better job before.

Randy: For me it was interesting.... when you hit the bridge it fell down a bit too much because of too much stylization.

Kara: Constantly going back from soul to rock. She appreciated that you tried to make it feel like an R&B song and took away some of the melodies of the song that made it great.  

Dot: I agree with both of them.  It's not about frills. Keep it simple. They don't feel you've defined yourself yet. Have you?  You are an accomplished musician and singer, but FIND a niche. Adam is pulling it off, because the energy of who he is, is stronger than any song he sings.  They still don't know who you are yet. 


Danny Gokey 

"Endless Love" by Lionel Ritchie

Quintin is making a good note about hands in pockets.  

Reactions: Kind of a rocky start sweetie. We missed that intensity that you always bring in your songs. It was just mediocre for me.  But hands were too much at the beginning for me. 

Paula - Wasn't sure at beginning, but liked it by the end.

Simon: Was disappointed that we had a traditional version of the song. Got bored that you didn't do anything more with it. But he thinks it means something to you emotionally so he congratulated you for that. Wow. Simon actually showed respect on Idol. LOL.

Dot: You don't seem to take instruction well, do you sweetie?  LOL. Your hands are still all over the place.  


Kris Allen


I hope you don't play guitar.

Reactions - I'm glad you're not playing guitar!  Awesome song choice, sweetie!  Awe, that was just darling. I liked it.

Randy: It never caught on for him. Interesting. He thought it was pitchy. (Nope.)

Kara: Difficult to pick and obscure song that not everybody knows, but for her it was one of his best moments.

Dot: You were committed to it and the energy of it was consistent, focused and AUTHENTIC.  That's what you have delivered every week so sweetie you are soooo back in next week. Nice job at having a subtext. You get it, thank you! 


Lil Rounds

"The Rose"

I like how Quintin uses the word COMMIT! GOOD!

Reactions:  I like how this song sounds on your voice, but I'm waiting for that high note. Bummer. You never hit it sweetie. OMG. Oh-oh. The arrangement did not cut it for me.

Paula: Road stuff.

Simon: Says you got song choice wrong with nice moments. You're not the artist I thought you were 7 weeks ago.

Dot: Lil, you probably shouldn't talk too much when you're getting advice, even though Paula said, "Those who matter don't mind." Simon actually made a good point about you not really stepping into yourself yet as an artist. Basically, it's a compliment. He's telling you that you are better than you think and haven't chosen a song that fulfills your amazing gift yet.  Let me explain, since you didn't really let him. People love it when you give it up to the song and hit high notes flawlessly and create a climax for your song. You were off to a great start, but made choices that were much "smaller" than what you are capable of as an artist, that still would have complemented the song. It was a good choice to go gospel with it, but the key could have been higher so that it went into the range of your voice that just floats and soars (the A above middle  C and up).  I think you might be in the bottom 3 again this week if you don't step up your game. If you make it through (which I certainly hope you do), pick a song next week that shows off your range, and has more of a dramatic curve that you are capable of and then fully COMMIT with your amazing energy, to every moment of it!  It seems like it would be so simple for you. You are just as powerful as Allison. The only difference between you and her, is that she is picking better songs that suit her voice more.  Do you know your voice?  GIRL, YOU CAN BLOW!  Now go and sing like a DIVA HONEY!


Tomorrow night - Miley Cyrus & Jennifer Hudson 

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