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Episode 24 & 25- March 31st & April 1st, 2009 Print E-mail

Episode 24 &25


Wednesday, April 1st, 2009


So, the bottom 3 are Allison, Anoop and Megan.  Sheish.  What is Allison doing there?  That's sooo not cool.  

GOOD BYE Megan.  I hope you learn from this Artist Awareness section cuz it can really help your future career. I've tried to spell out as best as I can why people love you.  All the best. 

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

(Scroll down to see Dot's "ARTIST AWARENESS" SCORES


American Top 40 (HEY - that's like - just down the street from Dot's Voice Studios!)

1. Anoop Desai


My Reactions: Interesting... why this song though? Hmmm...  I don't believe this song lends itself to what makes you amazing, but the crowd seems to like it. 

Randy:  Said the vocals were good considering it was not the right kind of song for you.  (Yeah, I agree.)

Kara: When you pick Usher, you gotta go nuts, but you played it safe and did what he did.  

Paula: Paula wasn't sure at first but was glad you went to the playful side. Your vocals sounded really good on this song, but work more on stage presence. Create signature steps with the band. (Excellent advice!)

Simon: Said it was a complete utter mess.  (Over exaggeration.) You came over as a wanna be. Said the arrangement was a mess and it gave him a headache. (Wee bit harsh dear.)

My Advice:  Your voice is in good shape. You disagreed with Kara's opinion, but you missed HER POINT! Learn to make the song your own. "Anoopize it!"  What is unique about your voice? What is your vocal signature?  How will they know it's you singing? I don't think you've figured out yet what makes you shine as a singer.  Don't get too proud honey.  These judges have been in the industry a little longer than you and they (aside from Simon. LOL) do know what they are talking about.  Would be nice to see a little more humility and grace from you.  I think Paula gave you the best feedback tonight.  When you're on stage, remember, LESS = MORE.  

2. Megan Joy

"Turn Your Lights Down Low" Bob Marley/ Lauryn Hill

Live Reactions:  Off to a good start...I'm glad you're not singing as heavy this week... but it's a bit shaky, hon. Why this song?  At least I can tell you like it, but I don't know if this song could let you really bring it. Such a pretty lady though. 

Kara:  "I really like you, but I think you're in trouble." She said that part of your register got irritating.  Use it.  These were good suggestions.

Paula: At this stage of the competition you need to take us by suprise and dig deeper, and that's where beauty develops. Pick a vulnerable song. (Simon should not have interrupted her.  This is a great suggestion!)

Simon:  All the things we liked about you are disappearing. It was so boring.

Randy:  You can love a song, but it doesn't mean you're going to sing it great.  Amy Winehouse, etc., he suggested.

Megan:  "I think the audience is feeling and I think my fans are feeling it." I like that you are confident, and also agreeing with them, but I don't think you get it. 

My Advice:  Are you a Mormon? Cuz that might explain all the votes.  Sorry sweetie, but if you're not going to listen to the judges a little more with your heart, and mind, then I don't know what's in store for you.  I think the judges are waiting to see you figure out who you are as an artist and you just haven't yet.  Let me spell it out for you again.  Quirky, fun, playful, cutsy, interesting, unique, happy, focused, mysterious.  Can you find a song that helps you embody these characteristics?  These are the things I first noticed about you and liked. What happened?  And what about your voice?  Where did that go?  Can you use your registers more?  Use your voice as a result of having these characteristics. Choose the one you resonate with the most. Remember Megan, it's not about YOU, it's about how you allow others to feel when you sing. 


3. Danny Gokey

"What Hurts the Most"

Live Reactions:  Nice focus from the start.  This might actually be a good song choice!  Hooray!  I love the high trills (the ones you did first)... I felt something in that.  I liked you tonight because you were committed. 

Paula:  This is where you thrive form the first note to the cadence. 

Simon: Thought it was your best performance of the evening.  Then he thrashed the other two.  Get a great song, get it right and do your version

Randy: Choosing something that you can really sing and show your range and your vocals...with all that emotion, keep it moving. 

Kara: What you did tonight was you moved everyone in this room emotionally. That's hard to do. You gave so much of your heart and soul and that's when you really connect with the audience!

My Advice: HOOORAY!  Kara summed it up.  You get it.  Yeah, you got heart baby.  Just try and continue to have that commitment and connection to EVERY SONG you choose.


4. Allison Iraheta

"Don't Speak" by No Doubt - Excellent SONG CHOICE I THINK!

Wow - you got the guitar... hot!

Live Reactions: You are SUCH A ROCKSTAR!  I LOVE YOU HONEY!  I like how you used levels in this song and that you had the guitar. 

Randy:  Said you got a little ahead of the beat and rushed it a bit... What are you wearing? He didn't get the outfit. (Why? I think you look fine. What?)

Kara:  The rock in you comes out of you no matter what you are wearing. You are that. She said it felt forced. You don't have to try you just are.  (This is great advice.  Like I say, "don't TRY, TRUST" but I don't know if you were trying so hard - were you?)  Said it wasn't your best performance so far.  

Paula:  Liked the guitar - your vocal power bridles singers twice your age and intonation is masterful and effortless and that you're skating by and going right to the finish line.

Simon: We can't ignore the outfit. Said it was like Halloween. (But you are a rockstar!) He said you shouted the song too. 

My Advice: You did GREAT TONIGHT! I enjoyed you because I'm in love with your voice. The men are all on crack.  You are AWESOME!  Just keep being you sweetie. Rock on! Kara was right when she said you don't have to try.  I don't think you did, but I know sometimes live it feels different than when you're watching it on TV.  One thing I will say is to try and connect to the audience more. You do this naturally, but I don't think you realize yet how or why you're doing this, so there's a slight wall up when you're singing. 


5. Scott McIntyre

Billy Joel, "Just the Way You Are"

Live Reactions:  What did they do to your hair?  I like that you can bring it with the piano. Lovely vocals... I'm feelin' it.  For me, this was the best you've done.  I don't know what they'll say, but I really liked it.

Kara: Said you made smart decisions, got the right song, and stripped it down, came from an honest place and gave a moving performance. And she loves your new look.

Paula:  She's most proud of you.  Says no orchestra paid off.  

Simon: Said it was your best performance by a country mile so far.  (Simon is actually right.)

Randy: Said one of the best of the night.

My Advice:  I'm happy too. This was the first time I really, really felt your spirit, because when you sang, you gave the gift. PLEASE keep picking songs like this and singing them this simply. It doesn't mean piano every week but again, do you understand your gift? Pick songs that people know and that are in this vein or "energy" if you can. The way you connected to this song - that is how to move an audience. They are always going to want this. 


6. Matt Giraud

"You Found Me"

Live Reactions: I don't know why but I like your singing low.  It's your hot energy.  This set up is interesting. Now, I'm waiting for you to go higher... hmm.....oh, there you go. Okay. Cool. I liked it.

Paula:  Says you aborted the things that we loved most about you. The riffing and falsetto. She said it was more like a sound-alike of the artist. We know who you are.

Simon:  You should be happy because we don't like you this week. He didn't get it at all. Felt put on and uptight. You're becoming like all these different people in order to stay in the competition.

Randy: Wrong song for you. "Apologize" would have been you. You have more chops than that.

Kara: You keep going from pop side of Rock to R&B side of rock.  You are a talented guy and you don't deserve to go home.

My Advice: Would be cool to see your combination of r&b and pop! Maybe you can bring it that way? Define yourself, stick with it and see what happens.


7. Lil Rounds:

"I Surrender"

Live Reactoins: Cool, there are two of you on the screen. That is trippy!  Hmmmm.. I like your sustained notes, but I didn't get as many shivers as I usually do.  Hmmm.... I dunno wassup honey?  

Randy: Still not a good song choice, but you sang it really, really well and showed you got unbelievable skills. Young it up a bit.

Kara: Mariah or Mary - was surprised at how you hit the high notes though.  Tonight - we got a glimpse of what we saw at the beginning who can let it out and wow us.  "But Lil, you back in the rounds."

Paula: Wants to see the joy you brought from before.

Simon: Picked a safe song and found it similar to a wedding performance. (Dumb comment). One from U2 maybe. Said it was old fashioned and personality was being sucked out.

My Advice: I'm surprised that you haven't really figured out how FREAKIN' AWESOME YOU ARE yet? Do you get it? You can sing anything Lil, so why not pick a song that shows us your AMAZING PERSONALITY too?  It's all in the delivery. You didn't smile. SMILE MORE PLEASE! Move, tell a story and hone your message. That's it.  It's not always about the song, it's about how you interpret it. You have these amazing notes when you sing, but they stand alone with no purpose and connection to the song. The judges will keep harping about a song until you tell a story with it. So don't get caught up in the song. Learn how to take your BEST QUALITIES and tell a story with them, in the song. Having said that, I think you could have picked a better song. LOL!


8. Adam Lambert

"Play That Funky Music"

Live reactions:  You're telling a story - I like it.  Interesting knees.  You are a trip White Boy!  LOL! Those Black Girl screams are hilariously entertaining.  Bring it like a diva! LOL!  You're such a trip Adam.  

Paula: True genius shatters expectations - Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler and Adam Lambert.

Simon: Says it was brave. At least we keep rid of the karaoke nonsense. Says it's not going to make you as popular as last week.

Randy: Said you worked it out and in the star zone baby.  (I like how you gave the band credit. Good boy!)

Kara: Every week she can't wait to see what you're going to do next.  "It was like Studio 57 in here." LOL!

My Advice:  LOL.  You're a trip.  I love you honey.


9. Kris Allen

(Okay - where is the sound?  Is there something wrong with my TV?  This is not good!  That was weird.  Bummer.  Okay - we got sound now.)

"Ain't No Sunshine"


Live Reactions:  It's cool that you play piano too.  Nice energy.  Wow, your tongue rolled back when you sustained that long note.  Just try and keep it relaxed, but you sounded FABULOUS!  Wow. I bet you're thinking about your wife when you're singing this.  Awe.  I loved it. Yer a hottie. =) 

Randy: You've been slayin' them for the last couple of weeks. Creative and cool.

Kara: That is artistry!

Paula: Took a 30-year-old song and played it like I'm hearing it for the first time. Best performance to date.

Simon: You brought confidence tonight. Good arrangement of song. Clever.  

My Advice:  Your arrangement was great, but that's not what sold it. It's because you made it yours and you were committed to telling a story while you sang.  That's what it's all about!  You had the whole package. THANK YOU.  Now please keep doing this.  You have been very consistent so we expect nothing less from you every time.  Just keep tapping in to who you are every time you sing!


*Dot's ARTIST AWARENESS scores:*

The ones in brackets need to be more realized by the artist.

I’m going to give you THREE IMPORTANT ELEMENTS that if youdefine through the growth process of your vocal journey, will give you the keysto success as an artist


1. Know your best qualities as an artist (comes from personality) we don’t always know this atfirst but we create and get to choose from the feedback we get.

2. Know the best way to embody these qualities in a song that resonates with you. (choices)

3. Be true to your message behind the song. Tell a story and mean it.


Dot's Scores:

1. Anoop Desai            6  (message) 3,2,1

2. Megan Joy                 3  (qualities, song, message)

3. Danny Gokey             8  (message - make your message more clear)

4. Allison Iraheta        5  (qualities, message – connect toaudience more) 1,3,1

5. Scott McIntyre           7  (qualities, message)

6. Matt Giraud                6  (qualities, message)

7. Lil Rounds                  7  (qualities)

8. Adam Lambert            9  tee hee 

9. Kris Allen                    9  ho hum

Remember people, these scores are based on their "Awareness", not how incredible of a singer they are. This exercise is to help you define your own awareness and hopefully watch Idol through a different set of lenses.  Hopefully the judge's comments will make even more sense now, and you have a better understanding of what is expected from you as an artist!

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