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Episode 16- March 3rd, 2009 Print E-mail

Episode 16 

March 3rd, 2009


Von Smith

“You’re all I need to get By” Marvin Gaye

My notes while I watch – you are cute

You have good presence and your energy and charsima is fun

Good song choice and better at honing it today.

Randy – That was a very hot performance – better thanHollywood week

Kara – becoming more comfortable and coming into your own.“Doing it when it has meaning” – this is a good note from Kara!

Paula – Hard being first – a memorable first. Know when topush back and pull forward.

Simon – Said he looks apalling but sang very well.

My Advice – First off, you look adorable, not appalling.  Keep doing what you’re doing, and remember who you’re singing to and WHY. Like Kara said, it’s aboutthe meaning you’re trying to convey. You don’t have to try.  You have it.


Taylor Vaifanua, 17

“If I ain’t got You” by Alecia Keyes

While I watch – Well, it’s scary to perform in front of acritical world. You’re 17!  Goodfor you. Gorgeous tone.  

Kara – you had a voice from the moment we met you.  Wants more personality.  No insights to you as a person.

Paula – Paula – beautiful instrument – they heard same song

in Hollywood week and wanted something new

Simon – is mocking Kara.  Just ignore that. Simon says it was generic and not terrible. Just bland.

Randy – Didn’t tell us anything special about you.  Kind of boring.

My Advice – YOU ARE LOVELY! watch the jaw, learn to center your energy more, so your body feels more comfortable on stage.


Alex Wagner Trugman, 19

Alex – went to gym.. Awe honey! I hope you saw my notes, cuz

I think you’re fabulous.  Trust me, you don’t want to be like Simon!

"I guess that’s why they call it the Blues"

My reactions: You are a trip boy!  Why the growls though? You don’t have to try either. I adore you.  I just adore you.  Wow – throw down the mic stand? Hmmmm... oh.

Don’t admit that you didn’t mean to knock over the stand.

I’m glad Paula told Simon to shut up when he talked about arefund

Paula said “I”m glad you’re channeling the inner-rockstyle

Simon – said it was stupid growling and hampster trying tobe a tiger. 

Randy – agreed with Simon “crazy in a buck wild sort ofway!” moves were so wild. Said he screamed the song. 

Kara – at least you do you. You’re Alex.  A fun guy. You can’t pay for that choreography! She said ditch the growl.

My Advice – awe Alex. You wanted to have fun.  I agree with everything Kara said. Just don’t overdo it buddy. I really want you to make it through.. but if you don’t, come visit me – I’m in Sheman Oaks and I’ll hook you up!


Arianna Afsar, 17

“The Winner Takes it All” Abba

My reactions.. GREAT START! So present. Wow. What a voice sweetei! Wow – nice runs up there... but not overdone... but possibly distracting.   And I can feel the pure energy of your sustained notes through my body. That’s CONNECTEDNESS! HOORAY! I WAS MOVED BY IT!

Simon – Said it was terrible. He’s a total MORON AND TOTALLY WRONG.  I highly disagree. I LOVED IT.  Simon doesn’t know how to sing and he just pretends to be an idiot for ratings.

Randy – Says you bein 17 – show them you’re young and still sing big songs. Wasn’t good

Kara – they fell in love with a young, vivacious girl. Tonight it was dark and depressing and not who you are as a person. Be young, touch people.


Paula – said you had bright moments.  Song old fashioned but appreciated your riffs and melodies – it's better to stick to the melody sometimes.  Yeah, I agreed with that. 

My Advice: GIRL, you got it going on. Maybe I am “old fashioned” but, I thought you were very  good!  I felt it.  I’m sure many others did too. Everyone is different.  They have their opinion.  We’ll see what “America” says.  I believe you deserve another chance.You certainly have something. FIND YOUR VOICE. YOUR GROOVE. What works for you,cuz yeah, you are cute, so work it with a more fun song.  Something that is like your personlity.


Ju’Not Joyner, 26

My reactions... awe. I like your ease.  Hey – is that handcuffs on your pocket? LOL. That distracted me.

I like that you’re just singing and letting it flow, and not trying so hard. Oh – watch your phrasing “world (breath) will never ever be the same." Not good.  (Okay –that was a vocal=coachy note - but still valid! LOL)  You did FAB MY FRIEND. Nice singing! They better like it or I’ll personally go over there and slap them.

Randy: appreciated your choice and said you pulled back in a good way.

Kara: smooth and fluid. Bust it out more on next song...which means  she thinks you'll make it.  Pretty cool eh?

Paula – says you changed up your approach from Hollywood?  Nice vocals and good choices.

Simon – better than he thought it was going to be.  Wish you stripped the song down.  It was a little bit safe.

My Advice: What did you say about coffee and a butt?  LOL! OMG.  Cortizone shot? Huh? Uh... probably don’t want to tell us that. Oh – it was for your asthma!  LOL!  Anyway, you've got a great voice.  I like that you didn't try to hard.  PLEASE continue to sing no matter what happens! YOU know how to work it and you're great!  I like your flow bro! =)


Kristin MacNamara

Give me One Reason by Tracy Chapman

My Reactions: I like your tone.  I’m not sure if that dress suits your voice and this song. It’s not computing... but you sound great.  I see, it’s the diva version eh.  Hmmm.  I’m glad you’re not over-singing... but a bit of uh.... interesting gymnastics at the end. Hmmm.

Kara – likes you hair better than before. Says you’re a great singer and great tone.  Wants you to do more Kelly Clarkson or Pink with a rock edge. Wasn’t sure on the song.

Paula – commented on the Kelly song that showed your voice.  She sort of contradicted herself though. Hahaha.

Simon – ripping on the outfit but good voice.  Says you’re not quite comfortable.

Randy – agrees about not being sure who you are. 

You admitting to image and style problems – that’s sweet cuzit makes you more real.

My Advice: I think you’re adorable, but you saw my comments above.


Nathaniel Marshall, 19.

Drama Queen vs Goofy, good-natured, humbled Nate

“I would do Anything for Love” Meatloaf.

I can’t wait!

My response: You are fun to watch!  I just find you entertaining and interesting – oh, and youcan sing to!  I’m not sure if thisis the best song choice for you... but you can saaang baby!  When you say, “I won’t do that” – whatdoes “that” mean? Be committed to each moment when you sing.  You were thinking while you sang, no?

The audience loves you.

Simon:  “I thinkyou probably would”  Such abrat.  Says it was verging onexcruciating.  He is just rude.Ignore him.

But yes, we’ll certainly remember you. 

Randy – Curious about song choice. 

Kara: If you want to be taken seriously, then pick a songthat shows another side of you. She wants to go to Karaoke with you.

They put your g-ma on there! AWE!

Paual – loved Hollywood week – Disturbia and rocked it. Thissong was like the
Boy George Version of it.  LOL! Bewiser in picking songs.

My Advice – let them talk.  Don’t feel like you have to comment on everything, but yeah,I’m glad you had FUN!  Just keep doing what your doing, but figure out your music and what you’re about.  You also have the gift to be able to move people with your energy.  As you grow, so will it, so don't be afraid of it.  You are passionate and that is a good thing. LISTEN MORE and you will get farther in life, FASTER


Felicia Barton, 26

You replaced Joanna Pacitti

“No One” by Alecia Keyes

My comments: great solid start! Awe – I can forgive thecrack... just stick with it. 

Paula – You’re not only gorgeous outside, but your talentand gift is unbelievable and she’s glad they brought you back.

Simon – first part better than second half.  A bit copycat.  Not that enthusiastic – but is he ever.

Randy – you got something a little different from Alecia, sogo with that –

Kara – best look, attitude, presence – and she noticed youtonight.

Randy likes your hair

My advice: I have seen your videos on Youtube. YOU SOUND GREAT! and one of my concerns was vocal blowout – cuz you tend to push.  You don’t have to push. And lose the trembling jaw my darling.  You can learn to hone your energy so you don't have to put out so you can have more power and lose less energy. 


Scott MacIntyre

My comments: Wow – I’m impressed with your command of your body on the stage, particularly if you are visually impaired. You look natural.

Your voice is very easy to listen to – but sweetie, why didyou pick this song?  Sheish.  I don’t think it did your amazing giftany justice.

I adore you though. Such a great energy and presence.

Randy – wasn’t the most perfect vocal – but the parts thatwere great were really great.  Hecan feel the passion from you.

Kara – you move mountains when you step on that stage.  Hopes for the chance for you to playand sing

Paula – so happy and proud that you’ve made it.  One of our finest!  Wow dude!

Simon – wasn’t crazy about the song (me neither – for once Iagree with him ) but you’re growing on Simon cuz you’re starting to believe inyourself).

My Advice- keep on doing what you’re doing.  You did AWESOME tonight. It's different when you're there in person versus on TV, so I don't know if TV captured what it did in real life, but dude, I'd love to hear you perform again.  I believe you may have a career ahead of you.  


Kendall Beard, 24

Cute little accent. LOL.

Martina McBride for the girls to relate to.

My reactions – I love your tone.  You sound nice singing in those low notes off to a nicestart.  NICE TONE in lower notes.  Hey - Is that my doggies’ fur on your dress? Say what? 


You are grounded, and that’s a great thing.

You did fine honey. Adorable.

Kara – big personality and it comes though, right lane –country girl, but issues with notes and flat stuff... but loves yourpersonality.

Paula – says you take the prize on the best outfit – butwhat is up with the doggie fur? Yellow is great on you.

Simon – says you did the right thing tonight.  Said that half way though he couldn’twait for it to end. It got shrilly towards the end.. not his cup of tea

Randy – loves country music.. but says it wasn’t your best vocal performance, but you told us who you were and what you were.

My advice: Don’t push those notes honey.  Make the song build and tell a story.  


*Jorge Nunez, 21

(my other man- you better rock on tonight buddy!)

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

I know you can bring this song honey – but it’s certainly a bold choice.

My reactions: I’M REALLY FEELING YOU TONIGHT JORGE! When you sustain those notes, it just moves through me. 

You are really looking up in dramatic ways.  Awe. So adorable.

Paula – stood up. She loves you!  She’s soproud of you!  She said “youpeople” and she’s almost crying. Hahaha. Paula you are funny.

Simon – says they were wrong to say don’t sing with anaccent cuz that’s who you are. 

Ryan – vocals that matter – it was really really gooddude...

Kara – you were born to sing. That’s you’re gig. You’re asinger. We feel it. You gave the gift. THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!

My Advice: Ummm. Yeah. I loved you from day#1.  Just keep doin’ it cuz you already gotit so pick songs that are fun for you and keep moving the energy throughyou.  Whether you go through or not– KEEP SINGING, CUZ YOU ARE AMAZING!


*Lil Rounds

“Be Without You” Mary J Blige

You can BLOW GIRL! Your tone is flawless... You are flowin’and workin’ it! You can work that stage too!  Good presence and grounded in them heals!!  Okay, committed all the way through andsolid. That’s a winner.  Theybetter like it.

Simon: Brilliant – my favorite performance – says she soundstoo much like the original

Randy: unbelievable vocals and you know who you are

Kara – you are still the powerhouse – steady boat, can’twait to see you next week

Paula – first class – we’re gonna see you for many more “lilrounds!”

My Advice:  Keepworkin’ it.  Keep being you.  Remember Contrasts and dynamics in your songs. Since you can do it all, pick songs that have interesting contrasts. You don't have to show off vocally, but you can still Work it OUT each time you perform. You have set yourself up to keep doing better, so be really smart about your next song choice and keep on keepin on!

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