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Episode #14

Tuesday, February 25th, 2009

Jasmine Murray, 17 from Columbus, MI

“Love Song”

Such a pretty tone and a pretty lady. Good presence.

She’s still fairly young so she has plenty of tie to polish.I’m very glad she made it on the show cuz she is lovely.

I like her attitude.

It’s so different watching the show on TV then when you’re in the audience, because you feel the energy of performers more when you’re there.

Randy – good and bad moments, a bit pitchy but not sure about the song

Kara – very commercial. All over the place – started to low (I disagree) – not the best performance

Paula – agrees. But she recognized that she tried to make it work for her and sang all around it.

Simon – disappointed – said she doesn’t have a greatvoice. That was DUMB. Her voice is lovely – but yeah – how he’s saying she’s not ready. I may actually agree, with Simon about her age. She’s just got a WONDERFUL INSTRUMENT to grow into!


Matt Giraud

This guy has not had a lot of coverage, but I remember him.

“Viva Lavida” Cold Play

Entrance to mic

He reminds me of the lead singer from Tears for Fears

A true “tenor”

Watch your phrasing.

Energy feels nervous – the quiver in his voice... but I likethis kid.

His runs are natural and tight – for the most part

He has decent presence, but not sure about how he’s connecting to his audience. We’ll see what the judges say.

Kara – not the best arrangement

Paula – same – risky song – trying to in still soul into a rock song

Simon – “horrible .. wanna be pop star” That was ruthless. I mean of course they’really “wanna be pop stars” DUH! That’s what the contest is.

Randy – pointed out the song choice – if he can sing Ray Charles – stay away from simple song.

My ADVICE– RESONATE MORE while standing, so you can learn toown your energy more and feel more comfortable with your voice on stage. Then use your “soulful” gift to pick the right music.

They all love him Matt and Randy says Chris won’t be singing Ray Charles. Good point.

Simon you are a sassy brat!

Jeanine Vailes, 28

They are showing her trip over the table. Hahah! So mean!LOL!

Never say, “I hope they don’t show that”

This love “Maroon 5”

I like your hair.

Back up singers sound a bit sharp and mixed too loud. Thatis not your fault sweetie, but the arrangement is a bit weird.

I like the DIVA attitude! Yeah!

Smile more, but I thought you did ok...

Paula – “great legs”

Simon – says it was painful, effort, struggle. I disagree. It wasn’t that bad.

Randy – oh oh. And he said it wasn’t in tune.

Kara – so overdone...

The way

They all said she blew it. Awe.

I like her attitude.

My Advice – Firstoff, I like your attitude! Thatwill help you go far. Don’t worry,it’s just a competition. Keep singing. Obviously you can, because you made it this far. Question - Did you truly connect to the song? Did you feel CONNECTED AUTHENTICALLY to the song? It’s about really owning it. You have good voice, just don’t “oversing”. That means, don’t stylize too much. It’s the power and energy of your voice and the truth of your heart that makes it a moving experience for others. Don’t try, TRUST.

Nick Mitchell

Norman Gentle

He started at the top of the stairs...

Haha. Love theshorts

Trying to hit the high notes. Hahah!

I love the sign.

Nick – you are smart. Even though, that long drawn out note was freakin’ bent like crazy – you gotta give you credit for being entertaining. Just keep doing what you’redoing.

You might... make it hmmm... maybe not. LOL. If you don’t, I'd cast youon broadway, cuz you can sing, but you need some training.

Simon ripped it

Randy liked parts

Kara said, “at least we remember you” You’re not a terrible singer. I enjoyed you tonight.

Paula – this is America and singers come in different sizes and sounds.. etc. LOL. You are atrue performer.. I don’t know if this is the stage for you. You’re fun andmemorable.

My Advice – work on your voice – really work on it even more – if you get in - get my CORE CD or some system to get you really connected, and then get a really GREAT song and work on it, so you can perform Norman singing something really well, and keep the comedy. But don’t piss of Ryan in the process and good luck!

Allison Iraheta, 16

You feel a little uncomfortable up there with Ryan, hey –you’re 16. At 16 I would have fainted myself! LOL! But I know you can bring it – you betta girl!

“Alone” by Hart

Already doing great after the first line! HOORAY!

Yeah! Look atyour presence and clarity starting the song. You are IN THE ZONE now.

Got that rasp going on. As long as your voice doesn’t get tired – let me know if youdo.

I love that your jaw is so relaxed.


Randy: “Yo, you just blew it out the box right there!” Yes

Kara: “you’re serious. You don’t even know how good you are. Keep getting comfortable being onstage. I agree with everything.
Paula – you’re by far the best we’ve heard tonight.... at 16 to be so season edit’s refreshing to see. Comparedto Kelly Clarkson

Simon – best by a clear mile... the competition just startedright now... you were so boring upstairs with Ryan..completely different person

My Advice: First off, I ADORE YOU and always have and knew you would do welltonight cuz you just HAVE IT. Just continue to step into your voice and know that you can put out LESSENERGY with MORE POWER. I want youto avoid vocal blowout, so be kind to your voice, remember to warm up and COOLDOWN. DON’T PUSH! Also, learn to OWN what you have bylearning your energy more. I don’tthink you quite understand the magnitude of your gift yet – but YOU WILL MYDEAR, YOU WILL, so don’t besurprised as people fall in LOVE with YOU.

Kris Allen, 23

“Man in the Mirror”

While you’re singing: Why do Jackson? That’s notthe smartest song choice, but you didn’t kill it. Good energy

Kara – end was good – front – rough. Not as good as Hollywood week. Didn’tshow her why she fell in love with you Hollywood week

Paula – said he nailed it and showed his personality andconfidence.

Simon – he liked it too. Said Danny is a better singer (that is so freakin’ lame tosay)... and may be forgetable, but

Randy – did it without the guitar and was proud of him forthe confidence without it.

My Advice – get connected to your songs - FASTER! Do this by using subtext from the beginning of thesong. kind of bouncy on stage –I’d like to see you walk more then bounce in one spot because it can make youlook uncomfortable on some level – but TV does not always show the truth. Youneed to figure out what is great about you.

Meghan Corkery, 23

She is charming – I remembered your audition.
“Put Your Records ON” – a hard song, but great choice for YOU... i hope


Paula – “you’re hip, cool, beautiful, did everything right”

Simon “ You’re a funny little thing aren’t you?” Thought it started off well – thenoversang. Translated – didn’t makethe right vocal choices to soften the high parts – THE SONG NEEDS VARIETY.That’s what “just wish vocals were better”

Randy – interested to see you in other rounds with the voiceand loves the tone.

Kara – says you’re a package artist – with the right song,you could be a breakout hit artist.

My Advice: watch your body – your arms when you sing... getmore connected to body and make it work for you. Making choices about high and low notes. All notes you don’t have to hit inchest. More variety needed. “Justgo ahead” go into falsetto. “somehow” could have been stronger. You want to

Ryan – is commenting on her moves... yes, that’s what Imean. It always looks different onTV than in real life, so we saw things on TV that they may not have noticed orvisa versa.

Matt Breitzke,

Welder dude!

I like you Matt!

Tonic “If You Could Only See”

While you’re singing I said: This song is not the easiest song to make entertaining.Also, I don’t feel like you were really singing from the SOUL AND POWER you hadbefore. Not the best choice.

Simon – ripped on it and you disagreed. Hmmm

Randy – performance was boring so it didn’t show you as thegreat dude they fell in love with. Get more edge and energy.

Kara – Didn’t show us any side of you. It fell really flat. Poor song choice

Paula – acknowledge the guts and soul

My Advice – You might love the song, but do you KNOW YOURVOICE and how to take the AUDIENCE on a JOURNEY in a connected, authentic,entertaining way? Loving the songis only the first steop.

Jesse Langseth

Mom 8 yr old kid

Bettie Davis Eyes

While you were singing... I like your tone...

Sheish – they took forever to put your name on there!

A couple iffy notes... but I believe we can forgive you if you don’t do that again.... can you connect more to your audience? Hmmmm

Randy: “It was okay” you asked Randy for moreinfo – he said show your range more. I disagree cuz that song had at least 1.5 octave range in there. LOL.

Kara – issues with notes, but took a few risks and therewere moments she liked. You likethe drum track.

Paula – thought you were captivating. You resonate with her! “You’re cool. You have an identifiable sound and you have unique phrasing. I will always remember you.”

Simon – disagrees with Paula and says you’reforget-able. He is wrong.

My Advice: You showed your personality. Connect to audiencemore and stay PRESENT when you sing. It’s not always about showing off your range – don’t get caught up inthat game. Just pick a song thatyou can navigate through like a pro, take the audience on a journey, and keep your “coolness”


Kai Kalama, 27

That “little girl yell” was a pretty high note buddy! That’s cool.

My comments while you sing: I love your voice. It’s soJUICY! Tons of power. Watch thefacial expressions.

Kara – asked you how you felt. Says you had pitch issues. (That didn’t bother me at all.) She said the song was a bitold-fashioned and wants more contemporary.

Paula – sounded good on the song accept when you feel offpitch – “you’ve got alot in you.. got the chops” AMEN

Simon – said it was old fashioned and corny and you’d hearit in a wedding or hotel. Idisagree cuz your energy is FABULOUS.

Randy – said it was “so safe”. It has to be hot! He didn’t know what to think.

I like your comments about hoping to get the chance to showthem you’re a contemporary guy. I feel you deserve another shot! I LOVE YOU!

My advice: You are passionate and powerful. Just back of a tad on the facialexpressions while you sing and get a song that’s more UPTEMPO that you can pouryour SOUL INTO! Keep relating to the audience and learn about how you want tobuild your song. There are ways you could have even taken that song, and madeit more contemporary. It’s all about the choices you make as a singer.

Mishavona Henson, 18

Drops of Jupiter by Train

My comments while you sing... I like how you’re startingoff!

Smile more sweetie – there you go.

I like this song on you and I like how the energy movesthrough you when you sing. You’re connected to your voice.

Paula – it just didn’t excite her

Simon – it’s a great song... you’re very serious. Something left me very cold (Simon, youare cold! LOL!) Says she acts like a 50 year old. Wants her to be more youngerand fun

Randy - agreedand said she feels so much older.

Kara – didn’t mind the song. “You’re very put together .... losen up”

My Advice: Ilike you. Show us something that you can have more fun with, that’s all. YouDID GREAT! It’s good to be puttogether at 18. Don’t get toocrazy on us know.

Adam Lambert


My comments while you sing. You’re grovin’ baby.

You know you can work it.

Yep. You worked it.

Paula – doesn’t even have words.. LOL. She loved yourchoices.

Simon – parts were excruciating bad and parts brilliant likethe end note.

Randy – loved it cuz you’re the most current artists. Was abit manic... don’t over do it –but it was the bomb.

Kara – vocal technique and ability – amazing range, etc.“Craziness in a good way”

My Advice – I agree with Randy – you look and sound great –but don’t over do it. I LOVE YOUADAM!

MY TOP 4 PREDICTIONS  (I know, there are only 3, but I can't decide)

Allison Iraheta

Kai Kalama

Adam Lambert

Nick Mitchell? (Well, you never know! LOL!) if not, then Jesse Langseth


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