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Episode 13- Feb 18th, 2009 Print E-mail

Dot Notes – February 18th, 2009

My predictions – Alexis, Danny and Tatiana


Jason Mraz “I’m Yours”

Interesting blend of voices

The key felt a bit low


Casey Carlson – gone

Steven Fowler – gone

Alexis Grace – made it.  Of course

She is singing and you can tell she’s overwhelmed... butshe’s stepping in to her inner diva. That's right girl!

Jackie Tohn, Ricky Braddy

Jackie is a bit confident...hmmm.

Rickie is gone

Jackie is gone

Anoop Desai – very talented fellow.

Michael Sarver – he beat ANOOP!  WOW!

No comment.

Carly Smithson & Australian dude performed. Hmmmm.  

3 more people - off. 

Tatiana and Danny. Why can't they both get on?  They will bring back Tatiana in a wild card or something. Would be cool to see her evolve.


They moved Danny through and Tatiana is quite traumatized.  Poor sweetie.  She did well though. I wish there was a way they could keep both of them. Hmmmm.  Danny is FAB and hats off to all the contestants.  It's not easy being in a show like Idol and having the entire world place judgments on you. 

I do have mixed feelings about tonight.  



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