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Live Rough notes from Dot Todman on American Idol

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

A selection of random auditions from all over and a bit of a recap.

Different Versions of this song throughout the world.  Shall I do a Jamaican Version?
LOL.  Maybe?

Jessica Furney, 20
She auditioned Season 8 –
Hey- I remember you  - you are in my notes from last year!  Search yourself on my site!
Still gorgeous voice.  But watch your jaw sweetie. 
Nice commitment to your message and nice levels!  GOOD JOB!

Somewhere over the rainbow… name Not shown


Amanda Shectman
She can do high larynx voices
Dot – your voice is lovely.  Nice mix of soul, good tone, commitment to message, but you zoned out a bit, that’s all.
They talked about CONNECTING!  This is a Dot word. 
How do you do this?
I know Simon will say yes.  OMG – they put you through so much suspense but we all knew you’d get in.  OMG – I love how dramatic you are.  It’s like a Tatiana Del Toro from last year without the laugh. LOL.  But they are making it overkill for Hollywood.

They’re talking about people hiding behing their instruments

Lee Dewyze
“Ain’t No Sunshin”
Nice voice.  Nice tone, but not fun?

Crystal Bowersox, 23

Nice red-head with dreads. 
Guitar as part of her instrument but didn’t use.
Sweet tone.

Fake out dude in a purple shirt.  We never even heard him sing!

There were a lot of singers who made it.


OMG – they showed the guy who I made a video about who cried.

They should be putting NAMES up there on the screen.
How rude.

Lacey Brown, 23
IHow are you dear?
“Some Where over the Rainbow”
Interesting variation on the melody of the song…
She makes it!

Stephanie Fisher
7 is your lucky number -  7th attempt to audition.
She is star struck on Victoria Becham
“Fever” oh. It’s a bit pitchy honey.  This means you’re not hitting all the notes.
Tone is weak.  Just do more vocal drills and learn to access the part of your brain that will help you it the pitches better and stay present.

Rachel Hubbard, 16
Country tone
You are grounded. Wow – for 16, this is not common.

Thaddeus Johnson, 16

Big Black boy with a sweet tone. WOW!

Genesis Moore, 16
Very nice levels – pretty black young lady
Sweet voice!


Adrian Chandtchi,  17
6 foot 8 tall.
Loves to swim
Wow – what an interesting Spirit this young man has. 
“Blonde Zillah” they call him.
I like him.  Your speaking voice is interesting. Already I am curious to find out how you'll sing.
“Can’t Help Falling in Love”
OMG – Kara says, “there’s like a small school boy trapped inside of you” and Simon quickly retorts, “Either that, or you’ve eaten one!” 
That made me laugh. OMG. Sorry
Okay, so you’re a big guy, but your vocal chords are most likely quite thin.
Even your speaking voice is quite high,which either means you're only using part of them, or they are short - unlike you. I think you should train more because you have something very unqiue but it needs to be developed in a BIG way. You are only 17 and it sounds like your voice is still maturing.  I men, it can take up to age 25 for the voice to fully mature!  Keep singing through the changes to allow your co-ordination to be strong as your chords lengthen.  I think you have something very "special" and different about you that comes out in your voice, but hone it so you can get the notes right and learn to stay present. This always helps. 

Michael Lynche, 26
Muscle man.  Wow.  Your arms are like - the size of my leg.
Expecting baby
Very nice tone and command over your voice.  Commnitment to message.  You ENJOYED YOURSELF while you sang and didn’t over do it.
Kara says “Kinda like a singing Teddy Bear”

DiDi Benemi
Tribute to best friend who died – Rebecca
“Hey Jude”
You sound like Meghan Corkery from 2 seasons ago.
They will pick you. Nice voice.
Open your eyes more and connect more to audience… okay, you did sometimes.
Nice voice.  You are crying after your audition… okay.. this s
Randy – yes. Simon – small yes because you are emotional. 


“Contestants come in many shapes and sizes and embody many aspects of star quality”

**Aaron Kelly, 16
Was poor growing up.
Social Services almost took him away but he got adopted.
You have a nice speaking voice.
“The climb”
YUMMY VOICE DUDE!  I love you!  Learn to connect to your audience more in the future. I have a feeling you will go FAR in this contest if you are as grounded as you appear.  I see top 12 material here.Wow.

Kimberly Bishop

Has a good heart and wants to recycle and help kids in Africa.
Says nice things to Randy
Dot – okay, you’re not singing authentically.  That’s it. Who are you honey?  Just a bit showy to say the least. And that is all I have to say.

Shaddaii Harris, 21
Mom loves you honey. That’s nice.
Sang - Alicia Keyes
Dot – not grounded in your body at all.  Do you have a cough drop in your mouth?  What?  Do more vocal drills to get you grounded in your scale and tap into the part of your brain that allows you to align with the notes.  At the end of the day, you’re just not present. That’s all.
Don’t listen to Randy who says, “You can’t Sing.” 

Hope Johnson, 19
Sharing stories about being poor
Interesting tone in speaking voice.
Dot - You are cute and you have a nice tone and genuine quality when you sing.
GOOD FOR YOU HONEY!  I know you’ll get in.
Kara really connected to you.  Yeah – I agree with them.. but please never take Randy’s advice on singing. He can’t sing at all.
The ENERGY OF YOUR SOUL bleeds through when you sing and it is very lovely.  Something very special here. 



Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Victoria Beckham – Guest judge (again)

Overall comments – well, aside from our fabulous Kimberly Kerbow, tonight’s show had some interesting characters.

Mark Labriola, 28
Fugitive baby – LOL.
Tempted by Squeeze
What a great voice! I love him!
Stay grounded and focused in your message dude.
Cute little boy

Mario Galvan
Nervous laugh
This is an energetic imbalance due to fear.
Sang: "Jail house rock"
You know what dude, you gave it a shot.
Work on meditating daily so you can ground your energy better and get rid of that nervous laugh. Not a bad voice – just a bit “heavy” and out of balance.

Wow – now they're showing angry people.

THIS IS MY ADORABLE STUDENT! I LOVE HER! And your daughter is soooo fabulous!
Sang - “The Way I am”
Dot - Kimberly – you are doing so FABULOUS and you look GREAT! You entertained them with your great voice and personality. Work it girl!
THEY LOVE YOU AND Simon says YOU’RE FUNNY and "trouble."
These are great "clues" to shaping an "image."

Danelle Hayes
Another mom with a little boy.
Live Karaoke host and sings in band
Dot - “wow, you belted that out but you’re grounded in it, so they will pick you.”
Simon says, "you’re almost broken. I don’t know if you’ve been allowed to be who you should be.”
Dot’s Advice – Kara says you wear your heart on your sleeve and she loves that, but I hope you know what this means. Keep your heart centered, and stay GENUINE. Vulnerability is on the path to empowerment, but it doesn't mean we lose energy over it.


Casey James, 27
Had an owie accident.
Dot – I like your voice. Wow – Simon doesn’t like you. Says you have no charisma
They tell you to work on your personality – OMG – they told you to take your shirt off!
Dang. LOL.
Yeah – meditate and... what kind of food do you eat?

Torri Kelly, 16
You are pretty.
Haha. I love the drawings that your daughter Hope made.
Sang - "Gravity" John Mayer
Yep – you got it. Just don’t go nuts with the vocal runs. Keep them tasteful. Maybe it’s why Simon tripped on your voice and called it “annoying”. Just ignore him.

DAY #2

Austin Paul, 22
Apparently you are being made out to look like an overconfident dumb jock.
Okay – they are going to say no because you’re not authentic in your song delivery.
Flipping up to falsetto and doing it all for show…nope. What about the message? Do you care about the audience?
Your response to their "no" = “I could be marketed well by you guys” HUH?
They said you were too confident… but this was your 3rd panel who encouraged you, so to your credit, I see why you are confused.

Kenny Everett, 24
You say - “My singing is a public service to others”
Dot – your over all energy and vocal runs and “ooo’s” were just a bit over the top.
And you are pretending to hold a mic while you sing? There is no mic. Not a good thing to do. This is too dramatic. Think about this – what was the meaning of the song to you and why were you singing it? It is not that you do not know how to hit the notes. Listening to your voice feels like you don’t really care about your audience and you’re just blasting off energy carelessly. A song is a story. It’s an opportunity you have to take people on a journey. When you sing, THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU – THEY CARE ABOUT HOW YOU MAKE THEM FEEL. You make others “feel” by being grounded and authentic in your message while telling a story. Take it down a few notches. Work on singing more softly and not shouting at your audience. Hone your gift. You do have a gift. You just need to be humbled and refined my dear. Your question – about how 4 people can tell a great singer he is no good – hopefully was answered by reading this. It is not that you are no good. Just do what I suggested and try out again next year dear.
Also, I would recommend looking in the mirror at your eyes - until you can see YOU. Connect with yourself in a deeper way. You have a good Spirit. I don't think you're as confident as you think.

They are showing people who are “off” – energetically. They aren’t all horrible. Just vocal problems like too much high whistle (don't show off at auditions)
Being too dramatic, and uniquely "off pitch" singers.

Also, they’re not showing names.
Keeping in mind that these people have been encouraged by 2 prior panels to continue their behavior, it does not entertain me to see this.

Nickie Nix
(Florence Italy) You sound like you have little tiny vocal folds or a high larynx… but I bet when you sing it will sound different because I hear more in your voice.
Simon made a helium joke.
Now you’re singing and you’re just fine.
They will let you in – even though Simon is making fun of you.
Question: why do you speak differently then where you sing?
Answer: You are only using part of your voice when you speak.
If you want to use all of it when you speak, it would sound differently, but it also means you have to OWN MORE of what you’re shy about. In other words, overcome the “shyness," the need to be seen as "sweet” and trust that the beauty of your Spirit will shine through your voice instead of trying to control how others think and feel about you through it. You may not even be doing this on purpose, but it is in your subconscious and showing up as a tiny voice. I’m glad when you sing, you allow more of you to shine through. Next step for you is speaking from an empowered place. In the meantime, hum more and work on tone.

Haeley Vaughn
Miracle baby of 2 pounds! Born in 1993! Sheish… you are young honey.
Your lisp is cute. I wonder if it will go away when you sing. This happens sometimes.
Dot – I love your voice and energy and spirit. I hope they pick you.
Oh - Simon noticed your lisp so I guess it didnt' go away.
They love your "bubblyness" and "uniqueness"
Kara offers advice – start at a lower pitch.
OMG – mom and sister join you – AWESOME!
It will be interesting to see you evolve. I hope you made it past Hollywood week.

Ty Hemmering
BIKINI BOY. OMG a dude in a bikini. Why?
"Achy Breaky Heart"
Wow – he sang one line pretty badly – they all left.
Nice ending guys.


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American Idol - Season 9 Feb 16 & 17 Print E-mail

Live Rough notes from Dot Todman on American Idol

(Last week - we had a crashed computer so I took written notes... but I'm not going to scan them. You have to email to see those. We may put them in the member's only section.)

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Tuesday, February 16th 2010

71 remaining contestants

performed and no feedback. Sheish.  Great time to WAIT – CORE VOCAL POWER TIME!

People waiting..need to learn how to connect to their inner-confidence

“Angela”Martin American Boy audition – lovely.

Casey James
Such a great presence and energy, cool tone. Reminds me of the reptilian fellow a few years back… Mike….

Jermaine Purifoy  - nice voice “Brickhouse”
(looks calm – doing my 4x4x8 breathing?)

I love how they try to create suspense of who out top 24 will be. Sheish.

Commercials.  Sheish.  LOL.

Why not play games, breathe,

Andrew Garcia

Jermaine Sellers – Man in the Mirror
Has a great range, but I would have sang the song 1 key lower….
He made a comment about how the band played it differently
Not a “Diva Move” –

Siobhan Magnus
Ellen said she seems heavy and serious. Have fun and don’t’ be so “old”
So, they’re showing your audition – but it doesn’t look like you’re having fun. You sound nice though.

Crystal Bowersox
I like this gal – harmnica and guitar… but moreso, just the energy of her voice.  How it makes me feel. She is GROUNDED and CENTERED…

Alex Lambert, 19
Guitar – I like his voice… they said he had zero spark – but he doesn’t need to try.
Yeah – great song choice!  Because your voice

Michael Lynche
Not a good song choice for your voice…. Or at least not in that key, but I LOVE YOU. Not sure if you’ll make it through sweetie.

Todrick Hall
R & B twist on it… I like this… because it is creative… keep the vocal runs tasteful.. not too much though.  Great key for you.

Thaddeus Johnson
Told the band nicely
I love the Mama’s boy!
Nice big gorgeous voice.  Energy is FABULOUS!  This kid needs to get in because he is so PRESENT.

Hearing the thoughts of people in ROOM 1 – see how PSYCHOLOGICAL THIS SHOW IS?  LOL!



Charity Vance, 17
Not the best song choice.

Tasha Layton

Mary Powers – speaks confidently
She says the song is case.
Hmmmm… you sounded cute Mary, but  I’m not sure how much fun you were having while you sang.  What kind of gift were you

 offering the audience? 

Llyod Thomas
“Man in the Mirror”
Performance seems to lack a bit of originality.

Police officer  (jaw is tight – watch it)
Initially he was confident, but then after waiting… stressed
Interesting how the MIND can make us trip out after a while


Jermaine Purifory

Hope Johnson (Dallas)
The gal who overcame poverty
Ellen likes her energy and enthusiams and uniqueness
Has that littls rasp in voice.
Why would you pick “Home”  You wanna go home?
Bad key also and  not very grounded.  Awe.



Shelby  Dressel
(side of mouth paralyzed)
Ellen loves her
Lost lyrics again in band rehearsal. It’s that part of the brain you don’t want
It’s a brain fart – no worries.
SUCH A GORGEOUS VOICE. I love “More than a feeling”
GOOD JOB sweetie!  I love you. I hope you make it.

Aaron Kelly, 16?
Forgot words.  Awe. 
Adopted and been through alot.
Did he redeem himself?
I’d say you sound FABULOUS. “Arms of the Angel”

Ashley Rodriguez, 22
Start was SO AWESOME! 
Connect more to audience more  - maye?

Lee Dewyze, 22
Very commercial sound. Wow

Joe Muniz
Man in the Mirror again

Haely Vaughn
Jason Mraz – with guitar
NOPE – not a good song choice sweetie. 

Janell Wheeler
Struggling with voice
Cough – YES – get CORE VCOAL POWER CD can help
Did you enjoy your performance?  Didn’t seem comfortable.  Song choice?  Don’t give up though, until you know.  It’s not done until you give up.



Tori Kelly
Nice voice but high larynx

Lilly Scott, 20
Blonde – another high larynx

Andrew Garcia
I LOVE YOU.  And one of my students knows you! You better make it!
Great tone, presence and quality.

I’m wondering – how long they did have to wait.
I like Ellen’s speech… sort of … OH GOOD. THEY GET IN.



They cut the room.
Awe.  Well, Mary is gone.  She was a little overconfident.

It’s so mean how they ramble on and torture them!

Yeah! John Park and Jessica Furney!  (Yes, I still have a crush on John Park)


Commercial – THE FINAL CUT
A Dot thought: “I hope John Park makes it.  I really like him. He is a heart throb.”

Holding room – long walk to judges – to find out after they reviewed the footage of all their performances

 at age 26 who’s wife had a baby.  Such a nice young man. I hope he gets in – just cuz he’s so dang sweet. And aside from the fact that he has fabulous dimples, he has a great voice.
I like how they ask him how they think he’s done.
He said he doesn’t like the waiting game.
Simon said he did improve over the past couple of days. Simon says they have a problem with him not believing in himself… whatever. He gets it.
Omg. He picks up EVERYBODY! HAHAAHAH! Except Randy.

Didi Benami -YES
(best friend died)
Sang Kara’s song and then Arms of the Angel
She sounds a bit like Brooke White from a few years back.
They’re really dragging this out this year….in order to get an emotional response.
She gets in Sheish.

Kaitlyn - YES
(parents divorced.. they will do anything to get some drama in the show eh)
She says “If I don’t make it, I’m going to be upset.  Is that good emotional prep?
Ellen is rambling on…but you can tell that with the sparkle in her eye and her energy, that she’s going to say yes.  Are they just going to show all the yeses?


Hey – that’s the spaghetti factory in Hollywood. I ate there before.

Shelby  Dressel – NO =(
You are rad. I hope you will make it…. Because you can embody your song and have really GREAT ENERGY.  And you are ADORABLE!
Randy delivers the message
I really liked her.  That’s stupid.  Okay.  This young lady has a gorgeous voice and gorgeous energy. Sheish. This season better get better!


Casey James - YES
(motorcycle accident survivor)
The hot guitar playing long-haired blondie
Very grounded and lovely…Kara has a crush.  LOL.  Gotta love Hollywood.
They didn’t make him suffer that long – cuz Kara loves him. LOL. Of course he got through.  Nice voice though. I like.
Aaron Kelley - YES
This young chap may get through cuz he’s one of the “types” they like.
Yep – gets in.

Lee  Dewyze - YES
Has a very commercial sounding voice and great energy and POWER in voice, but psychologically….are you ready sweetie?
Kara – says you have a lack of confidence in performance in standing on the stage and owning it.  He says he feels he’s confident… but you can tell he’s trippin
Almost pee’s his pants with joy.  Woah – you really felt that one.

Todrick Hall
(says he’s a dancer, and never had a voice lesson – GREAT  - you haven’t been tainted) you have a FABULOUS VOICE. Interesting attitude. 
They just said “YES” really fast to him!  And he says, “that’s it!”
Okay Todrick, you are good looking.  I am single… uh.. you only like white girls?  LOL.

Jessica Furney , 21 - NO
Great notes on you on my site.
Good energy that comes through when you sing.
And you got the words to that crazy song.  LOL.
Randy delivers...the no message.
OMG – let her in already. They won’t though.
OMG – she asked what she did wrong, Simon says, “You didn’t sing as well as the others…. This is not the end of your career”  It’s not the end.  She’s only 21
This is a good speech they gave her though – It’s not the end of the road. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS PEOPLE.
No worries Jessica. Come in for a lesson. I’ll hook you up! =P

No did not lose your voice because of the group… it is important to look after yourself though.
We lose our voices from not

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The emotional exhaustion of WAITING….
Come on now!  Get some CORE VOCAL POWER and ya'll will be fine! LOL!
Feed the HEART.
Trying to keep cool…

Janell Wheeler, 24
I like your voice with the guitar, but sounds a bit tired – watch the air in the chords. Humm more. This will help.


You are ALL FABULOUS just for being on the show.

Ellen gets her through with the mind games. (I do love you Ellen.  You are a good soul)

I expect to see good things from you Janell, but be careful with the voice.

Tyler Grady - YES
Bushy Haired hottie
Nice tenory voice –and I like how you commented on how you’re not planning on going home. Kara has a crush on you., 70’s groovy boy.
You’re interesting enough for them to keep you.
The teenage girls are going to LOVE you. LOL.

Lacey Brown - YES
You were there last year…(I have notes on you)
This year – YOU GOT IT!  Good job!
“Wonderful World”
nice version.  Very unique to make it yours.

Ashley Rodrigues -YES

Alex Lambert - YES

Joe Munoz - YES
(They hardly showed him!)

***Crystal Bowersox  - YES (one of my FAVS)
“Natural Woman”
This child is connected to her soul and completely OPEN, AUTHENTIC AND DARLING.  SHE BETTER GET IN OR I’M NOT WATCHING THE SHOW.
Okay – GOOD!  SHEISH!  I think she knew deep down she’d get in. And she showed them a pic of SON. AWE!

My DVR went weird (I did not see this following part grrr!)

Katie Stevens – YES

Montage of people getting cut

Angela Martin -NO
Got cut again!
She’s been thru hail

Lilly Scott - Yes

Paige Miles
Siobhan Magnus
Michele Delamor
Jermaine Sellers
John Park

2 girls
Tory Kelly vs Hailey Vaugn

2 guys
Thaddeus Johnson  - NO
Andrew Garcia - YES

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