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March 23rd, 2010

Songs from Billboard Charts

Mentor:  Miley Cyrus, 17 years old but she’s done a lot, hasn’t she, for a young'un her age. Go Disney. -P

They have Miley in the audience too! 
I like what she said about not telling them what they’re doing wrong. That is the smartest thing she could say, especially for being her age. Let's see if she holds true to it.


Lee Dewyze – Miley said he’s got a great voice but his stage presence is lacking.  He wants to put on a good performance. (no kidding?)
“The Letter”
First Reactions – cool song choice…. But are you really enjoying yourself? I liked that smile in there. Good… then we lost you again.  You sing like a perfectionist.
Randy – you knocked it out of the box. Way to start off the show.
Ellen – that was fantastic
Kara – You raised the bar for yourself. I’ve never heard you sound better, look more comfortable. The progress is tremendous.  Believe that you’re good.
Simon – surprised that you chose that song.  Thought he was doing something quite corny. You sounded good, but you’re missing the point he was trying to say about having a moment, because the song doesn’t define you as a temporary recording artist.
Dot – I still think you need to have more fun on stage.  Still uncomfortable, but getting there. If you say, “I was trying not to think anything.” You’re still trying not to think. How about committing to the STORY OF THE SONG honey?  Next week, please promise me, okay?

Paige Miles
She got a heart ring from an audience member. (I love your weave honey! Pretty!)
“Against All Odds”
Miley Commented on her pitch. Oh oh.  That’s not a good thing to think about while you’re singing.
First Reactions – don’t sing soft for the sake of singing soft. Sing soft because you mean it.  What does this song mean to you? Oh honey… for me, this was not good. 
Randy –That was honestly terrible. There was nothing about it that was great.
Ellen – you didn’t fall down and that’s a good thing.  Those are high high heels! You look stunning, hair looks great.
Kara – somewhere along the line you stopped competing and if you’re gonna take on Mariah, you’ve gotta bring it.  The worst vocal of the season
Simon – how do you think you did?  It was like there were 5 of you singing that song and it got progressively worse, each one.  I think you’re gonna be in serious trouble tonight.
Dot – I wish I could have helped you with this song DANG IT! The worst thing you could have been told was that you’re pitchy!  You said you’ve been struggling with song choice – (no kidding) PLEASE LEARN ABOUT HOW TO DEFINE YOURSELF AS AN ARTIST!  OMG.  Watch my videos, and then learn how to commit to a song – all the way through!  You have a decent voice, but it sounds like you’ve been oversinging and I don’t know who’s been guiding you, but they didn’t do a very good job at all. Your job though, is to let go and ALIGN.

Tim Urban, 20
“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
Initial reactions – your moves are good, but you look horrified. Awe.  All you have to do is smile more and you’re hooked up.  Oh – and GROUND YOURSELF honey.  Relate to your audience.  Somehow you found a way to be among them, but you were horrified of them.  But at least you’re totally cute.
Randy – dopest thing you did was the slide, the vocals were so boring.
Ellen – you have a lot of fans who love you. Felt like an audition for HS Musical… but corny and pushed too hard. I didn’t get it.
Kara – Zack Effron and hairspray and little girls will love that… you didn’t take the song and switch up the melody… you acted like you already made it and you have a lot of work to do.
Simon – it was completely and utterly pointless and silly. You have zero change in winning unless you take singing lessons and become someone who is relevant.   Silly song choice.
Dot – I don’t think the song choice was dumb, but you just didn’t find yourself in it yet. What does the song mean to you? HELLO? MESSAGE?

Aaron Kelly, 16

“I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”

picked up laryngitis and tonsylitus.
The best cure for this is to not talk at all and
You are way more grounded this week! HOOORAY! I think Miley really empowered you!  Nothin’ like a hottie telling you you’re good!  That’ll give the confidence a boost eh! =)  You keep singin’ like that and you’re at least in the top 5.  Maybe even top 3 – who knows.
Randy – it wasn’t a perfect performance – but let me tell you, thank God, cuz the 2 before you…. I’m a fan.
Ellen – Perfect Song Choice.. that was amazing
Kara – Best song choice of the night.  You know how to pick a song that accentuates the strength in your voice and shows consistency… she wants to see more stage presence.  Good stuff.
Simon – says it was Brave… for your age, you’re making yourself old fashioned (not true.  Duh Simon)  There is zero chance you’re gonna go home

Crystal Bowersox, 24
Miley wants her to push her voice a little more. Chrystal is worried about hitting the high notes.
Janis Joplin
Firs reactions – why are you looking down so much today?  Where is that audience connection we usually get from you?  At least you put your heart and soul into it – as usual, but I want more from you next week. More connection to audience honey, but you transcended having to look out because you were sooo CONNECTED to your DIVINE SOURCE.  You are FAB.
Randy – that’s what is called being a star and being a folk singer. That’s what it’s about. I’m so happy now.
Ellen – would love to see more connection to audience (I agree). Respond to audience. Give back the love.
Kara – saw you smiling and moving more. Wondered if she’d ever put down guitar
Simon – I wouldn’t change anything he said. He said it was as good as Pink and you’re only gimmick is a carpet.
Dot – I would like to see you without the guitar

Mike Lynche
“When a Man Loves a Woman”
(Excellent song choice) Very confident with Miley you are. That is fabulous. You know who you are.
First impressions – I love your committment ot the message. That is why you’re fab. Also, I’m very glad you’re more grounded this week.  Not bouncing all over this week.  Just sincerely singing and comfortable in your own skin.
Randy – I don’t know if it was the perfect song choice or best vocal yet, but you know who you are, you’re this r&b soul dude. The best thing you can do is sing the _ out of  the song.
Ellen – safe song, amazing tone and great tone. This woman loves that man.
Kara – technically, really good and you hit all the notes, but boring and loungy at times.  Too many riffs. I lost my connection with you. 
Simon – almost too much – no disrespect, but would have made it simple.
Dot – I disagree with Simon & Kara who are just playing a character. This was my favorite performance from you so far this season. I thought it was honest and held my attention. I guess everyone has their opinion, but for the first time, I felt more connected to you. 

Andrew Garcia
“Heard it Through the Grapevine”
Miley made him lose the guitar.  OH my.  She said he was too stiff. (But it would have been more unique.)
First reactions – You’ve got good presence Andrew.  I love you!  I am a fan of yours. Note - when you want to work the stage, you have to have motivation for where you move and why, not just to move and “not be stiff”. However, I still LOVED IT. I don’t know what it is about you, but I just really like you as an artist. I would buy your album in a heartbeat. I just really like your voice and the way you connect.
Randy – Said it wasn’t good and the wrong song choice because it’s not the kind of vocalist you are.
Ellen – I love you and I hope they vote for you and not a good song choice.
Kara – I feel bad for you because you’re chasing that moment which was brilliant. It didn’t feel like you  - like it was a puppet. Go back to that moment where you did Straight up and look at what you did.
Simon – “Maybe we just over-rated that moment”.  You’ve had enough time to sort yourself out.  Arrangement was horrific. You sucked out the soul out of that song and made yourself really corny.

Dot – I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH ALL OF THEM. He does know who he is as an artist! He is original and has an awesome tone and energy that heals when he sings.  It is a gift.  They are being really hard on him and they need to get over themselves. What up with that?  Dang!  This guy better get through this week or I’m gonna be very upset. He totally deserves to go on tour.  He is a great singer and performer and I don't think he's trying to re-live anything. I'm with you Andy!



Katie Stevens, 17
“Big Girls don’t Cry”

First Reactions: I remember when I was working with Victoria Justice a few years back, she was auditioning with song (she got the part. LOL). I thought it was the old “Big Girls don’t cry” from the olden days, but I was fooled.  Anyway….You’ve got a good voice, but it was kind of a plain performance for me.

Randy - good
Ellen – your best performance so far
Kara – this the lane for you – pop with r&b leanings.  This is your vibe.  You still got made pitch issues, but this is where you belong
Simon – meeting Miley was the best thing for you. Not sure how believable you are in this market. 
Dot – don’t let anyone tell you where you are if you don’t like it. Everyone will always have an opinion. I know it’s hard, but sing what is in your soul. Pitch issues – just stay present and they will go away dear.

Casey James.
“The Power of Love”

EXCELLENT SONG CHOICE for the tone of your voice dude!
First Impressions – Wow, Like you better than Huey Lewis!  Haha! I hope you do something original with it – just a bit.  Yeah – I liked it dude.
Randy – did the song well. I believed it.
Ellen – not a fan of song choice either. Thought it was best vocal of the night.
Kara – you’re just on another level. You’re ready to make an album. You’re just there.  You’re in a zone now. Stay in it.
Simon – disagrees. Said it was old fashioned and it was like watching and listening to an 80’s cover band.  Nothing original
Dot – I liked it - even though you didn't do too much original with it - it was just cool. from an 80's gal.
WHY DO PEOPLE DISAGREE? (Aside from the fact that they want Hollywood ratings..) because they have different chakra alignments!  LOL! FOR REAL!

Didi Benami,23
“You’re no Good”

First Reactions – you do remind me of Meghan Corkery.  Also - you’re looking a little stiff, and not really owning your hotness.  You have it – just trying to show the dark side, but show some contrast and conviction to the message.

Randy – too pitchy
Ellen – didn’t understand the song choice
Kara – felt like you were playing a character and dramatic. It felt like you were trying to be something that you aren’t and left me confused.
Simon – irony – you screeching out, “You’re no good”.. .it’s true. (that is just rude). It was like the bad part of the musical, before the interval.  Wow.
Dot  - This is all about knowing and CHOOSING who you are again.  You said you wanted to do something different and wanted to have fun on stage.  Good for you for sticking up for yourself with a smile. That takes guts.

Siobhan Magnus, 20
1972 “Superstition”
That piano player looks like Simon Cowell! LOL!
Interesting Song choice. Hmmmm.
First Impressions – okay – a different feel for this song – soft beginning. This is not working for me at all honey. Just sort of blah. Low energy.  What does this song mean to you? Oh – and the screams at the end are getting “pitchy” as Randy would say.  I said last week – be careful with this honey! 
Randy – excited to see you cuz ur so fearless.  Happy you did it. Thought it was great. You went for it.  You have so much conviction. (what?)
Ellen – More please.  You’re so good.
Kara – you express yourself everytime you perform. I don’t think it was your best, but how do you not say that’s amazing. (OMG – I disagree. It was the wrong pitch)
Simon – a lot of people won’t like it.
Dot – Your performance didn’t do much for me, but you have good presence and comfortable on stage.  Be careful with those high screams.  You're doing them   technically right, but what is your motivation behind them?  If  Simon is saying "Put the screams at the beginning of the song" then you know there might be a problem with your connection to them. A scream is something you FEEL, not something you just place somewhere. 

OVERALL COMMENTS:  I’m not really excited about this year’s talent.  Sorry guys.  You all look great though.  Chrystal, and Andy were my highlights, and Aaron did good too and Casey was fun for us 80’s folks, but overall, BLAH. 

I think I ought to make a video about this.  this kids need some direction!  Sheish!


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