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March 17th, 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Green lights. LOL

They can save any contestant up to the top 5

David Cook sings  “Jumpin Jack Flash”
Sounds great, but did he close his eyes the entire time? Sheish Dave. I remember talking to your Mom when you were an Idol contestant.  She is so proud of you. I told her I thought you and David A would be finalists.  How right I was. LOL =)

Ford commercial. Paint explosions everywhere.  LOL.
Cute cars matching each contestant

Lucky Paige gets to sit in that chair for the rest of the show. BOTTOM 3
Siobhan – they’re comparing her to Adam Lambert again.  Not sure if I agree, but she’s okay.
Aaron Kelly -safe
Andrew  - safe
Tim – bottom 3
Kara said they weren’t good last night (how rude. I liked Andy!  He’s just got it)

Australian Oriantthi (Michael Jackson’s guitarist) sings a song that starts just a bit too low for her live. Work on your presence and connection to audience sweetie.  =)  If you feel like it – but your guitar is your selling point eh.
Didi- safe – got emotional seeing mom
Chrystal – saw her dad last night and it threw her off
Katie Stevens – Kara says has pitch problems and sees her as a pop r&b artist.  Simon disagrees with her and says she should be doing more country stuff.  Randy – POP.  So it proves they all have different opinions.
Michael Lynch (LOL. He just cracks me up. I dunno why. He’s just so big.) They talked about his “corny dancing”
Casey – guitar?
Lacey – bottom 3

Kesha sings “Blah blah blah”
WHATEVER. Interesting TV Heads’. LOL.

I’m a wee bit surprised that Lacey is singing for survival.  I thought she did slightly better than Paige, but her problem is she’s not comfortable on stage as a performer. Would make a fab recording artist.


You really have to believe in yourself to sing like that.  But the whole time, while she was in the bottom 3, she looked liked she was going to cry and ready to let go of her Idol dream. She knew she was going to go home and she also knew the judges wouldn't save her. She sang rather disconnected from wanting them to save her, but still with a sweet voice. 

Lacey is further along as an "artist" than Paige, but Paige is a better performer.  Also – I think they need to keep some color in the show for a couple more weeks, or it will pretty much be a bunch of White kids with a Black guy and a Mexican boy in a nation that’s supposed to be diverse. (all of the girls are pure White.) We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Paige is going to figure out who she is as an artist... but if she doesn't, she'll be gone in a few weeks.  I'm almost positive tonight's show had little to do with actual votes.... but what do I know?


March 16th, 2010

Rolling Stones week

TOP 12

Michael Lynch
“Miss You”
First impressions: You have such charisma – but why this song choice?  Fun with the falsetto, and since you’re having fun, I am too, but I would have liked to see more levels in the song. It was all just dynamic. There wasn’t much of a build.

Randy – reminded me of how great of a performer you’ve become, but wasn’t crazy about it
Ellen – well, what’s not to love about that?  At some point I’m gonna be disappointed, but not yet. Good good good.
Kara – first night – big stage – it’s hard, you’ve got to fill up that stage – you delivered the style and attitude. You conveyed the message of the song but you were also hot on stage and that’s what it’s about.
Simon – thought the dancing was kind of corny.  You sang it well, but when you watch it back, it was verging on a tiny bit desperate.
Dot – I like you. Ur just cute and big and you will do well cuz you’re authentic – but be careful with your grounding on stage. 
Ryan questioned Simon’s dancing comment and Simon was a smart alec.  Then Ryan left the stage and confronted Simon on the panel face to face and told him to give constructive criticism. Crowd roars. Simon comments that it was near the middle of the song that was weak.

Didi Benami
From TN 3 sisters
Mom is in her apartment – that’s nice she has a supportive mother.  Awe.
“Play with Fire”
What happened mid way there?  Sounded like either a lyric flub or left brain fart. Ooops. But your voice has such  pretty tone to it – I liked it in this song. It was 80% committed.
Randy – That was one of your best performances”
Ellen – You got right back in the song and did it.  It was grr ate
Kara – when you push on your vocals, you lose your way a bit, but I like the intensity you attacked the song with – compelling – sweetness of voice and eeriness of song – moving towards who you are as an artist
Simon – agrees with everyone.  You’re showing them the kind of artist you want to be…I’ve been a fan for the last 2-3 weeks… solid, not brilliant performance.

Casey James

He had an allergic reaction to a vaccine as a child and didn’t talk for a while, but his whole family sings so he bounced back. Awe. How cute.
“It’s all over now”
First impressions: I’m liking this tonight dude! =)
You’re embodying the song and telling a story at the beginning…. A wee bit distracted with the guitar and you look a bit nervous, but DANG YOU SOUND GOOD on this song. Awe. Just stay out of your head honey
Randy – you are back for me!
Ellen – for most women – their hearts will start racing just looking at you… but then for people like me…I thought it was fantastic
Kara – tonight you were a rockstar.  The country twang.. with the blues and SOUL shows you got it!  This was your best performance.
Simon – didn’t agree. He said it was like an audition performance because you just stood there and played. 
Dot – I agreed with Kara again. Simon is full of it.  Please pay him no attention. You can move a crowd by standing and playing guitar if your energy is connected in an empowered way.  Remember, less is more, but be CREATIVE.

Lacey Brown 
From Texas
Used to be shy like her dad and didn’t sing till she was 13. Daddy is proud
“Ruby Tuesday”
First impressions:  You’re doing the best you can to be comfortable with the blocking they gave you and connect to the song.  You’re cute and adequate.
Randy – technically interesting arrangement.  Was pleasantly surprised that you kinda held it together. Most interesting one of the night so far.
Ellen: weird that in the slowest part of the song you were still and fast part – you sat.  Was a bit sleepy for her.
Kara – it was 50/50 for her.  There were some vocal issues … put more into the drama
Simon – you perform like an actress – everything is really really precise and thought through. Stop over thinking and let yourself go a little bit.  Nothing wrong with vocals though.

Andrew Garcia
His parents were in gangs but his dad played and sang. Awe his daddy is crying.
"Give me Shelter" (please be fabulous honey. I like you)
First impressions - I love the energy of your voice.  It moves me. Be careful about walking backwards on stage.  Nice energy and flow. I LOVED IT!
Randy - I love the song, I love the stones, I love you. Was pitchy everywhere. It wasn't great. A litlte under a lot of time.
Ellen - what do I know, I think that was your best performance yet. I loved it (I agree with Ellen!)
Kara - there were elements where we started to hear that tone we love... I felt what you were saying at times and then about war/children - not as intense.  (I disagree with Kara.)
Simon -  He's in the middle. You gave it 100%.  You were better in rehearsal... I hope you survive another week. Dot - DUDE - I LOVED IT!  I FELT IT!  You had better survive another week or I'm gonna be very upset. There is something about the energy of your voice that just gets me every time.  It overshadows whatever "pitchyness" Randy wants to complain about. And I disagree with Kara this time. She is getting too literal again.  LOL.  You were telling the story of the song, and you moved it through your soul.  Nice levels and flow.  You made it yours. You don't have to do Mick Jagger version! You are YOU! Keep it up honey! I really like you. 

Katie Stevens
From Middleberry, CT
"Wild Horses"
First Impressions - rough start on the first note, but your lovely tone is drawing me in.  I don't like this song for you honey.  Blah.
Randy - thought you sang it really well and you corrected your pitch stuff and it was a very strong performances
Ellen - you started pitchy but once you got into it you sounded amazing. good song choice
Kara - katie - it's never technically perfect with you, but what I liked was the variations on melody and it was better than last week.
Simon - this is the only week where you have actually chosen a really strong song.  Lost emotion during 2nd half of the arrangement. You connected to the song for the first time.
Dot - wow - they all liked the song choice but I didn't. Sorry.  But I like you Katie. I just got a bit bored thru that.

Tim Urban
"Under my Thumb"
First Impressions - well, he's singin' the reggae beat of my peeps.  I didn't mind it. I like him. At least he was genuine.
Randy -  I didn't get that dude. Couldn't hear your vocals. It was weird. I didn't like it. /
Ellen - felt like I was at a resort... was a cool take off of it. Nothing wrong with it. Wasn't wow.
Simon - applaud you for doing something different, but it didn't work. it was a crazy decision
Dot - if there are people like me who aren't Rolling Stone fans... then they just heard a cute boy doing a Reggae song.  So Tim, my question is - if you made this song your own, are you a Reggae fan?  I haven't heard you sing any other Reggae music?  Do you have Jamaican roots like me? LOL. =P


Siobhan  Magnus
From Cape Cod, MS
"Paint it Black"
Nice setting... cool vibe... now going on to the scream...They'll like it.  I'm not thrilled with it for some reason. it just wasn't 100% authentic for me, but certainly entertaining. They might love it though. And putting an "H" in the word "Black" isn't a good thing. Sorry.  Cute dress.
Randy - that was hot.
Ellen - I love the way you look tonight and sound... you rise above.
Kara - I'm having flashbacks of Adam Lambert and the stairs and the drama - best tonight.
Simon - agrees
Dot - Well, at least it was entertaining.  I just want to know you're really connected authentically to your song and not just trying to get too theatrical. 


Lee Deweyze
from Chicago area
"Beast of Burden"
First Impression: you seema wee bit more laid back this week.  More comfortable?  I like that you are connecting more to your soul.
Randy: You came home with this for me. Rob Thomas & Dave Matthews. I thought it was dope
Ellen - I thought it was great. You sounded great. Was expecting more from you. Nothing wrong with it.
Kara  - you are growing faster than anybody on this stage. More confidence, not as pitchy, etc. Tremendous growth.
Simon - I like your story.  Your personality holds you back. You don't shine. You chose a safe and forgettable song.  And the frustrating thing is you have got an incredibly good voice.  Come on the stage, choose a mark and stamp your moment. Stop thinking others are better than you.
Ryan asks him about nerves. He defended his song choice.. Let go and enjoy. 
Dot - I AGREED WITH SIMON! He gave some dang good advice for once about how to shine and believe in yourself.  Lee - I gave you a little lecture last week about not focusing on what the judges don't like, but focus on what is good about your voice. That's the only real way to shine. HAVE FUN and get CREATIVE DUDE!

Paige Miles
from Naples Florida
people at church love her singing
"Honky Tonk woman"
WHY ON EARTH DID YOU CHOSE THIS SONG?  LOL.  It appears that you still don't know who you are as an artist yet. WHO ARE YOU?  Well, the singing was okay, but I didn't like it.  What up - you got a cold? Better not be nodules
Randy - you did all right with it. 
Ellen - loved that you used the stage, great presence and star quality
Simon - oh - laryngitis - you did great. Hit big notes. Song was a bit generic. I still think you're better than that. You still haven't quite connected and find something that makes you more unique and contemporary. 

Aaron Kelly
First Impressions:  you're more grounded this week dude!  GOOD JOB! You have been working on this.  Sweet tone, you're tellin a story. VERY NICE DUDE. Sweet.  I liked it.
Randy - great
Ellen - (Are you trying to copy my hairstyle?) good stuff - one of the best
Kara - very powerful. Really great
Simon - you chose 100% the right song.  What you did cleverly was you sang the song within the limits of your vocals.  It was in tune and believable.
Dot - Yep.  That better keep you around another week!


Chrystal Bowersox
Dad was supportive at her gigs. she started writing at age 10.
"You can't always get what you want."

First Impressions:  Nice entrance... what is on your mind? and what is in your back pocket.  Nice build in the song... your soul is just so FABULOUS.  Would be great if you surprise us with something new in the future, but I like how you're telling the story with your soul. We can always rely on your for this.  Stay in the zone girl. Stay connected to the audience. 

Randy –yo – wasn’t your best – couple problems but I love you and you didn’t disappoint me. Even though it wasn’t my favorite performance.

Ellen – you sing with such ease – born to be on stage – what I’ve been missing is personality – thank you for adding that tonight – stop thinking. Let yourself  have fun onstage.  You got the singing.
Kara – agrees. You’re so comfortable – you loosened up a bit more tonight – it’s easy to watch you.
Simon asks about what you meant by overthinking.  You admitted that you weren’t in the right zone to just let it out. Simon says Siobhan beat you.  (whatever. I disagree totally) Just when you think you’ve got the competition in your pocket…”
Dot – I like that you stood up for yourself and corrected him and said, “I haven’t thought I got the competition in my pocket, but thank you for saying that.”  You do have a lot of personality and it does show up when you sing. Keep doing what you’re doing, but surprise us and have some FUN next week!  Keep the guitar though… just do something – but don’t get too stagey. You don’t have to be Adam Lambert or Siobhan. You are YOU and we love you.

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