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American Idol, Season 9

I’m doing this Idol  series, because  As a Vocal POWER COACH, I am invested in helping people sing from a free, connected, authentic space. I believe the show American Idol is a “must see” tool for singers – if they know how to apply it.

What if there was a way we could watch the show with a certain awareness about our CORE, and become an INCREDIBLE singer?   Using American Idol as a tool, Discovering C.O.R.E. Vocal Power videos will share with you how to perform, overcome nervousness, choose the right song, build your vocie, presence, vocal stamina, energy, and self confidence – to name a few.  I even got Tay Zonday to watch it with me!

Boston MA

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dot's ROUGH NOTES taken while filming and watching the show!

Most "Interesting” - Norberto Guerro – they said you were “Singing like a 3 year old girl and dressed like Latoya Jackson”. I say… “you have an interesting look and you should sing a song more in your range and develop a stronger chest voice – find a song there. Get more in touch with your authentic self as you sing.

Most Controversial - Andrew  Fenlon – you were defensive and hostile, only because the “waiting” and nerves got to you, which is pretty much industry standard, but Kara really tripped on you! LOL!  Nonetheless, you can sing bro!  Learn to BREATHE more and feed your own heart so you don’t have to pretend to be confident. Confidence comes from your CORE. =)

Most Touching Story– Maddy Curtis – I love your “special” bothers. That was really a sweet story about how you are #9 of 12 kids,  and you can sing honey! Best of luck!

Most Soulful - Katie Stevens, 16 “At Last”, but Amadeo Diricco almost tied with you!  Nice work!

Cutest Boy – Bosa Mora.  You are just SO FABULOUSLY CUTE!  Mmm hmmm.
(I know this category is kind of silly, but I just couldn't resist.  Some people deserve credit for just being LOVELY!)


Ok guys, I have more to say in my videos, but this will have to do for now!)

Victoria Bekam – Spice Girl – will be judging

Janet McNamara
Age 26
“Pocket Full of Sunshine”
“Not a good audition”
Paula and Kara
Dot – a somewhat aggressive young lady with high amounts of energy.  It’s great to have positive inner-dialogue, but this needs to be coupled with a realistic groundedness and balanced eenergy.  Did you notice as soon as she walked in, she almost tripped. This s not grounded.  You were very nervous.  DO SOME BREATHING exercises from my CORE CD. PLEASE.  This would be helpful.  You may need quite a few years of vocal lessons as well hon.  The Americna Idol game isn’t working for you because it doesn’t teach you how to align with the truth of a note.

Maddy Curtis
16 years old
#9 of 12 kids
Has down syndrome brothers.. what a touching story.  Great parents! WOW!
You are ADORABLE! Sweet energy… just a good personality and you seem grounded.
“Hellelujah” – Leonard Cohen
Dot – notice how you just stand and sing from your HEART. It is open.  Simple, sweet, and PRESENT. Your brothers have taught you well.  
Randy was surprised that he liked you.
Kara – “old soul – authentic.. coming from your heart”  Amen Kara!
Simon – for 16, you’re not annoying.  LOL.
Of course she’s not annoying!  She’s got some amazing brothers to teach her how to be loving.  Awe… your brother are soo cute.  Why do I get emotional. LOL.

Pat Ford
Age 17 – He takes the world “outgoing” to a whole new level. LOL.
He seems to really likes Simon – sang and dance – tries to be a charmer
“Womanizer” song
The judges do not like you.  
Randy “ stop singing forever- singing’s not your thing, let’s hang out.”
Dot – oh – you’re just theatrical sweetie – and you need to stop shoving the tone through your nose and move it back just a little more so it buzzes more in your mouth and chest.  Vocal drills are needed and quite a bit of work.  I would cast you in a musical.  Lose the moves – you totally upstaged yourself.  Don’t be a “Body Singer”. Get more connected to your CORE and stop trying to kiss A--.  You won’t have to try and make people like you when you truly KNOW what you have. Having said that, I think you may end up being the next president some day.

Jennifer Hirsh
Very original version of “Witch is dead”
Such a pretty richness to your voice, sweet and good energy.
Smiled – connected! Good for you!

Claire Fuller
Age 23
Pretty hair – nice soul,
Confident, grounded

Jess Wolfe
Nice tone
Soulful and sweet. Genuine and unexpected – you don’t look like your voice.  You seem very sweet though and you’re IN YOUR VOICE.

Amadeo Diricco, 28
This man can eat! Yummy!  Heck – maybe if  I went and hung out with his family, I could put on a few pounds.  Get me some of that Itallian grub!
“Hoochy Coochy Man”
Muddy Waters
Family was behind you… cool. Very warm and grounded.
Dot – you pulled it off because you’re grounded and warm.  No crazy moves, but you are opening your mouth too wide, so be careful. DON’T PUSH.
Judges – put you through!  Wow!  “Good energy” kept being repeated.
Dot – do you see how having “GOOD ENERGY” can work for you?  
OMG – I love the Itallian music.  They are choking him!  LOL! OMG – Dude aggressiveness.  

Derek Hilton, 19
“spiritual kind of guy”  Likes nature walks.
(I like the hair in the wind touch)
Says he sounds like Chris Brown and the Eagles.
“wants to touch people.”
Elton John
Dot - Did not sing with his own authentic voice.  Okay, you hit every note correctly, but - you can’t fool anybody when it comes to using your true voice.  Did you hear Simon say, “alot of people you’re channeling there Derek.”? Then Randy makes fun of you…
Simon calls it “utter Rubbish.. there were 20 of you in there and every one of them is horrible.”  I do not fully agree with “every one of them is horrible”, but you just were shoving notes through your nose and raising your larynx in a way that sounded a little strange and not authentic.
THIS IS WHY I SAY, “singing is more than just hitting all of the right notes.”
Perfect example of what true CORE Vocal Power is -  You didn’t show up  for yourself.  People don’t respect a person who doesn’t use his own true voice to express himself.  Energy never lies when you sing.  FIND YOUR VOICE and I bet it will be SPECTACULAR!  My products can help you, because they are designed to help you ENJOY your voice.   Hang in there.  I hope you keep singing because you’re only 19 and you were “tapped in…” just not to yourself sweetie!

I think it’s so sad when they show rejects, but I’m glad family was there to support some of them.  People – it’s just a TV show.  You’re not really being rejected!  OMG!  BE HEALED!

Mere Doyle
OMG – you love Japanese stuff.  Me too! How cool is that?
You do not appear grounded for some reason. Hmmm….
Perhaps you should breathe more.  
Sang Janis Joplin
Wow – the judges are being kind of harsh.  I don’t think they should discourage you from singing. I think they should have been more constructive in their feedback.
Dot - When you start out by Yelling it gives you no where to go. That was too strong for them.  The singing was not “terrible” it was just YELLING. Work on levels and create more of a contrast.  Try out next year for sure if you want it.  Chill out on the training and get CONNECTED AUTHENTICALLY to you INNER PEACE. That will take you far.  

Randy “It’s a no for this one because voice is not hot enough”
Dot’s translation -

Luke Shaffer
Connected –sweet, nice tone, clear and simple connection.

Benjamin Bright
Close your eye s- lovely tone,
Authentic and sweet. Nice style and tone just sailed through you.  Easy YES.

Andrew  Fenlon, 25
You look like Clarke Kent…sorta…
Bad attitude – very nervous… energy is just “off”  Oh oh… honey BREATHE!
They did an interesting job editing the “awkwardness” of this man.
When Simon asks, “why are you here.”  He replies with a sarcastic answer – “I’m here to audition for American Idol… should be pretty obvious”  He proceeds to tick Simon off  within the first few seconds.
Waiting – made him on edge
“House of the rising sun.”
Dot - Very nice tone, and likeable voice, and he took his time, but his energy came through and blamed them at his audition. It reflected as “bad energy.”
Simon tells him he has “bad energy” and sets  him straight.
Kara sets him straight with a little more heat– about the music Industry and waiting and says she doesn’t like him.  I did a vlog about WAITING last season, and WHAT TO DO SO YOU DON’T FLIP OUT AND END UP LIKE THIS GUY!  CLICK HERE TO WATCH! This will help!
Then Andrew Admits,  “I was Trying to get CONFIDENCE”
Simon and Randy (being dudes who share similar brain chemistry with him) both say “Oh!” Like they suddenly understand why he was being so dorky.  He fell into the ‘dude trap’ and they seem to relate. LOL.
Then Victoria says no also and doesn’t like him either.
Kara gets outright evil on him. “did you ever have a girlfriend.”  (My guess is that his energy/attitude must remind Kara of an ex boy friend, because when people react like that, it’s usually a trigger.  LOL. Woah. She is not acting)
Dot – okay sweetie – you were on defense because you are human.  You didn’t know what to do with all of that energy inside of you during the waiting and instead of defaulting to a light place, you feel into a dark one.  Then the nervousness didn’t help, and on top of that, other people appeared to you as idiots to be put in their place. You made some choices. What you need – TO BREATHE. I’ve got some great exercises that will help you on my CD, but first, would be good to loosen up a little and try to like yourself a little more. Then you won’t have to “act confident” but you will ‘BE CONFIDENT.’  
Then you were shocked, “what the hell happened.”  It’s about ENERGY HONEY. Vibes you gave off. We often don’t feel them when we’re at the giving end – unless we CONNECT AUTHENTICALLY.

Bill Bloom ,26
Seal “Kissed By a Rose”
Why sing so high sweetie?  You’re a music teacher. You kinda should know better.  Just because you CAN sing high, doesn’t mean you should. Get more connected.

Michael Ryan
too Theatrical for Idol. It is not Musical Theatre.  And sweetie you open your mouth too wide.  That’s not good for your voice. Over kill.  Too dramatic honey

Ashley Rodriguez
Very pretty lady
Alicia Keyes
“If I had You”
“nothing’ – diamon rings song
Dot - a soulful, nice grounded delivery solid. You kept your eyes open and related to them…. A bit nervous, but sweet.
Kara and  Victorial - They love your look and how you brought your own personality to it. Sultry.. You got a good shot this year.
Dot – sweetie, congratulations. They really LOVE YOU!  Do you know why?  Just keep being you.  And stay connected authentically

Tyler Grady, 19
Your dancing is a bit … wow.
Drummer –got an owie on his arms. Dude.  Woah.
Dream to be a front man.
Fell out of a tree – likes to climb them
“Let’s Get it On. 1971 they said, cuz your hair and dress.
Dot – sweet tone.. but I’m not sure … but that smile and charm to the girls… yeah… hmm..  SMART MOVE to play to the girls and smile.
Randy says, “You made it pop” Interesting.
4 yesses was thrilled – was surprised that Simon gave him a yes
Dot - Nice soulful connection.  Work on being in your body more. If you’re falling out of a tree, you may need to work on being grounded honey – but you seemed to be when you sang, so nice work.

Lots of fun yeses… People brought their babies to audition? LOL!  My oh my
Now it is happy time.


Lisa Olivero, 24
Vision of Love
Being a waitress should make you grounded… but hmmm.. not sure. Speaking voice sounds a bit tired or something.  Hmmm…
You seem confident
“Vision of Love” Mariah Cary
Dot - Too loud at first - just not grounded and yelling…. But if you had lessons from me for a few months, I could help you. Explore levels more, more support needed. Training needed but GREAT VOCAL POTENTIAL.  Please keep singing.
Randy – “not good”
Kara says – “you gotta practice more.” Yes – I agree! Thank you for being constructive.
Simon “probably the craziest version of Mariah Carey I’ve ever heard.”
That was pretty rude

Ryan Keane – cut blonde boy
Low voice – kind of dramatic
Awe.  Not a good song choice… too low and a bit dramatic.

Asian boy – (no name) I love you!

Kinds and “not normal” people.

Mike Davis
Codzilla boat  - you drive that thing?  Cool! I would sooo BARF!
Off key at first, “yesterday” but nice tone and fairly present as he went through –get better as it went… by the end, you’re TOTALLY CONNECTED.
Kara - really liked his personality…
Simon says “yes”
Randy – says “no” I don’t think your voice was that good.
Dot – thanks for not being constructive Randy.  Translation – you sang the first note wrong and that usually doesn’t slide.  
Suspense… ladies voted YES – because he is charming. CHARM WORKS.

Katie Stevens, 16
Portuguse and close to grandmother who taught them all to speak Portuguese now has Alzheimer’s.  She wants to come home to her with good news.
Her heart connection is open
“At Last”
Kara – “for 16 to be able to sing like that – very good audition – good stage presence..”
Dot - very nice soulful voice – connected to heart. I know G-ma helped with this.  Sweet tone, nice interpretation.  Very present and committed. YOUR HEART CHAKRA IS AWESOME!

Joshua Blaylock, 28

Dot - Interesting tone – high larynx but small chords and nice control
Good personality.  Stayed present the entire time.
“nice little voice there..”
Simon – “would be great if you were 14.  Age 29, no presence, no power and unfortunately, forgettable.”
They tell him. “try to be assertive now. And get him to say Simon Shut up.”
Awe.  Poor guy.
Randy says, “Spandau Ballet” music
Kara says “yes, based on his lovliness…” they all said YES! LOL!
Awe.  “I’m gonna be great and I’m not gonna let you down! Now they have him affirm, “I am great!  I am somebody!”  LOL.  That is great.
Dot – “I am” is the right way to approach affirmations.


Ryan reviews the new scenery

Kids freezing up – they need to breathe more.
OMG – Cowboy dude.  LOL. I love him!  Tee hee. Adorable Asian boy again, “All By Myself.”  Awe. He just left.  Could hardly speak English.  That’s mean.

Justin Williams
7 years ago at age 20,
RM Mormon boy who had cancer? Sheish!/ Vocal coach
6 months of chemo therapy. Recovered fine. Cancer free!
“Feelin’ Good”   - Buble
Dot - Connected during his performance – nice delivery and presence.  He sounded like a Vocal coach.  Be careful “driftin’ on baaaah”  “for mee” up high – unnecessary, but awesome anyway.  Likes alternative pop – soul
They say “nice face, presence and smile. Kara will remember you”  They all say yes.
Dot – You are too perfect.  Loosen up and get roughed up a little Mormon boy.  Tee hee. LOL.  

Norberto Guerro
“Every time we Touch”
He did take a breath before he sang.  That was a good choice… but uh… no connection to heart and SOUL.
Dot – OMG – started song way too high.  not grounded – see how he’s moving all over the place?  Tone – oh oh.  Forgot the words – they let him start over… just for entertainment’s sake.  
Dot - USUALLY WHEN WE FORGET THE WORDS, WE’RE IN OUR LEFT BRAIN, but that’s the least of your problems sweetie.
Simon – sets him straight and says “You sing like a 3 year old girl and dressed like Latoya Jackson.. even with a beard.”
Dot  - take vocal lessons and be more grounded align more to the truth of what you are singing – the actual notes and how they are within you.  Can you hear the music inside you when you sing?  You delivered a disconnected performance, but no worries. It happens to us all.

Bosa Mora, 22
My proud Nigerian Peeps.
Lotsa kids!
OMG Bosa, you are ADORABLE! And red is hot on you!
Dot You are moving energy through your soul…
Simon – “good but boring”
Ladies disagreed with him.
Simon says no. Ladies say yes
Randy - Yes
Dot – I think you are Intriguing and adorable. YOU ARE SO CUTE!  You stayed present for the most part,  but zoned out a bit so be careful sweetie!
Advice – get some vocal training FAST!  Pick better material and stay grounded in it.  
Learn some scale.
How come all Nigerians are so beautiful?  LOL. Seriously.

Leah Lerenti, 22
Protective parents. Church a lot. No secular music allowed, but loved to express through music.  Your heart chakra is a bit blown out.  
“Blue Skies” – unemployed
Randy – best I heart today actually. Nice control and tone, like the jazzy thing going on. Surprising.
kara – you are a good singer – emotional – you are on the brink.. but one of the best we’ve seen. “get some confidence honey!”
They all say YES  HOOORAY!
Dot - EMOTIONAL – but great voice!  Has the heart connection ,Nice voice! Jazzy – pretty tone – not as grounded as you could be. See how you’re swaying… but music is dancing through your heart.  VERY sweet honey!

Antwone – cute Black guy did he even sing?
Oh, he has a voice. “yeaaaaaaah”  You could feel that guy’s soul power! LOL!
Ends on a nice happy note.
OMG – Antwone – you freakin DID THE SPLITS IN THE AIR! SHEISH!
Nice job guys!  LOL.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Atlanta Auditions

Addition Judge ... Mary J. Blige

Dewone Robertson
Simon interrupts – high
From a high note down two octaves

High notes black man in white t-shirt

Keia Johnson
26 years old
Titanic Song –“My Heart Will Go On.”
Connected, big voice,

Miriam Minmouni
Nice voice

Noel Reese
Nice red-head w/braces

Tisha Holla
Soul and feeling

Jermaine Sellers (church singer)
Mom has spinal bifida
“What if God was One of Us”
You came and sang it the way you felt it.
This kid is the real deal
4 yesses – easy
Dot - Great voice – don’t run away with your runs… use them more sparingly and stay grounded and connected to your soul hon.

Christy Marie Agronow
25 yrs old – tv show hostess
“Love is a Battle Field”
Has a nice voice – just oversang
Dot – don’t be devastated Christy – you have a great personality.  Your heart chakra is just so big that you were quite nervous and came off a bit too strong.  But you can sing just fine… just do more breathing exercises to balance your heart. Then when you feel less “emotional” you will be able to sing with more ease.  But at least you’re connected to your heart, which is why I’m sure you make a GREAT TV SHOW HOST!  I wish we got your show in LA!

Lots of rejects  - I hate that part.  They could be nice to people.  I hope everyone who auditioned realizes it’s just a show.  Don’t take it too seriously!

Monroe County – TN

Vanessa Wolfe
Vanessa jumping off bridges – eeek – how daring!  Is she bored or something?
I like this gal. She might seem a little “country” but she’s such a contrast from the big city and in her own little world… wants to get out..  maybe she can sing?
Kara says you’re a real country singer
Dot – FABULOUS!  I’m so glad you got in!  
Cute little accent and country

Jesse Hamilton
Anniston, AL
Came close to death 3 times
Garth Brooks
“The River”
Dot - Mary is laughing way too hard at this man.  Awe.
He actually isn’t a bad singer. He’s just underdeveloped
Sweetie, unfortunately sometimes Hollywood likes to pick on people and you were one of them.  

Human guitar
Guitar Girl
Very creative
Body singer – focused on outside.. but maybe she can sing?
“You Ain’t  Man Enough to be My Woman
Holly Harden
Dot - Got the soul connection going on
Mary – I don’t get it.
Randy – yes
Kara – yes
Mary – No
She tells Simon – “Your Gorgeous”
Dot - She gets in. LOL. Good for you sweetie.

Lathan Davenport
18 years old
Dot – Awe. You are adorable.
Keep singing. Get my CORE CD so you can learn to connect more and enjoy it more.

Hansel Enriquez
Low voice – bad song choice
Dot - Are you really having fun sweetie? You don’t look like it.

Blake Smith – Brittney Spears
“Not that innocent”
Dot - high larynx... get more grounded

Mallorie Haley
Mary really liked her
Kara – you now who you are what you want to do
Randy Claim and own
Simon fearless, I like you
They all say yes
Dot - It was obvious that she just shone

Antonio  Wheeler
Skii-bo-ski Baby
“Grape vine”
He’s unique and original and fun
Seems very right-brained LOL.
great charisma, energy
good presence,
Simon – NO  (because perhaps he thinks he’s a little “off”
Kara liked him – cuz he can sing.
Mary – great voice – match your image to your vocal
Randy – lose all the other nonsense dude.  LOL.
Dot – yep. I agree, but just know that it is your nonsense that got you through and made you stand out.  Now – how can you make your “nonsense” work for you?

- Lauren Sanders
Soft vibrato –
Not fully embodied in her voice yet, but off to a great start.
She chooses not to be as “big” as she could be.
Carmen Turner – to Hollywood
“where is your heart”
“The ditsies”
She certainly sang with grounded presence and her friend actually helped her land it, in a way, because there was such a contrast between the two singers, so she shone more singing after her friend than she would have by herself. Not sure how she’ll do standing alone – but perhaps she will do better than what Simon suggested

Bryan Walker  
Police officer
“That was great – this guy could sing” – Kara
Randy – “I love the fake out”
Yep – he’s got that inner soul power thing goin’ on. Nice tone and feel. Presence is there in a sweet, sincere way.  That’s what it’s about!

Interesting Black man loves Mary J Blidge
Lemar Royal

Your energy feels unstable... but i like your eyebrows.
You sang "Kissed by a Rose." Seale

Your singing was like yelling at them! Remember, less is more.  Great voice, just not balanced energetically. This is the kind of thing they don't really explalin. Wow - this is a huge lesson. I commented about this on camera while I was watching this.  You were so eager to receive validation and you did not get it.  This is not uncommon.  I'm glad they showed this.  When you don't get the feedback you want, it's okay... just BREATHE and CONNECT and know that you are okay. Sweetie, singing is less than 1/3 of what you need to be able to do well to make it in the industry!  Watch the show and read my notes well, and you will learn more about how to succeed. 

Larry Platt
Original song: "Pants on the Ground"
Simon - “I have a horrible feeling that song could be a hit”
Age Limit is 28
You're in great shape Dude!
I LOVE THIS GUY!  HE'S A TRIP!  nice voice too! You got on cuz people love to be entertained!

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