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2011 American Idol Season 10

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Tuesday, April 6th


Cool how they show behind the scenes. Wow.  How exciting!  LOL

Beatles Night
They have 35#1 hits. Isn’t that FAB?
I thought Paul McCartney would have been the mentor. Hmmm…. I guess he’s too old for that. Eh?  LOL. Lookin’ good though.

Going through the judges commenting about Beatles.
Simon says certain songs shouldn’t be changed, others can’t.
Comments from the other contestants about each one.

1. Aaron Kelly
They call him Yoda and say he’s the little brother.
“The Long and Winding Road”
This arrangement sounds old fashioned today… weak start sweetie.. voice is a bit quivery.  Sounds like a throat chakra block that is getting cleared as you sing.
Nice end note – though something felt off with you tonight for me.  I wasn’t all over that honey.  But you are sweet.
Randy – liked voice and tone, didn’t like arrangement. Wish he did a country version.  Kind of boring
Ellen – big song to take on. Felt like a long and winding song
Kara – You’ve been delivering good performances, but for what you’re trying to do, you hae to be “great” (that was a slam) we’re seeing the same side of you every week, would like to see you move on stage more and something new.
Simon – why did you choose the song? 
Because this whole journey was a long and winding road. Stuck with arrangement cuz didn’t feel like he should change arrangement.
Simon says it was old fashioned and you have to become young and current (BIG BOO from audience. LOL) More believability. Should have researched the song more.
Dot – do I actually agree with Simon for once? LOL. I like that you had subtext though.

2. Katie Stevens

This gal can dance eh?
“Let it Be”
I like that you’re connected and telling a story and committed to it.  Very pretty. Very honest. YES HONEY.  This may very well be my fav from you. And I like the held out notes and grounded them.  You kept it simple and changed it up just enough to make it interesting. I don’t care what they say. I really enjoyed it.
Randy – to me, this is your best performance ever. It reaffirms to me – that was hot vocals hot vocalist, that’s why you’re in the top 20.
Ellen – perfect example of changing it up just enough to make it your own. That was amazing
Kara – you’re blossoming on that stage. I like your attitude. You’re confident. You never looked better and you never sounded better. I’m so proud of you tonight.
Simon – the whole thing about this competition is that that tells you you’re doing something wrong. You got it right because it’s more country. (LOL. Simon is so dumb). Simon also mentioned that it felt like you were singing it about somebody, rather than “robotic” Translation – you had subtext.
Dot  - well, at least the judges agreed with me that it was great.
This song was something she could be honest about because she sang it from her heart! HOORAY!  Okay viewers – this is what subtext is all about. FOCUS.
Back stage – Katie was happy.
They say she’d bounced back from the bottom three – BUT IF VOTES AREN’T IN YET – how to they know? LOL

3. Andrew Garcia
The group says you have the most personality. 
(This is my favorite dude in the contest. He will be in top 3)
“Can’t By Me Love” OH GOODIE!

I love what you’re doing with this arrangement, but the key should be HIGHER FOR YOU HONEY!  DANG IT!  Would have added more energy to the song.  And you can hit those high notes.  And pleaase  shave next time honey. Smooth cheeks are better on you.  I thought your idea was great, but dang it, WRONG KEY.
Randy – solid performance, you sounded good.  A little corny at times, cuz it was so pop and you got a little more soul in you.
Ellen – good song choice, alot of fun and I loved it.
Kara – I want to love it. Don’t know if I’ve seen anything new.. liked the breakdown. That was hot.
Simon – Wedding… guitarist sings a song. Problem – knows what  you were trying to do, but band overpowered it. Made it corny, old fashioned and irrelevant.  Got it all wrong tonight.
Dot – I thought it was fine, but I bet you a zillion dollars if you would have done it in a higher key, it would have been HOT!

4. Michale Lynch
Big Mike
Mike – you were SO CUTE when you were LITTLE MIKE! LOLOLOL! Look at those CHEEKS!  Okay – you said you like to tell stories
“Eleanor Rigby”
Yeah! I LOVE THIS! Mike – you are so big – just ground a little more so you don’t bounce around too much on the stage. You can’t get away with that, but dang it, I LOVED IT!!!!
Randy – I’m not sure all of that worked, but the parts that did work were GREAT. That could really be a joint on your album. I love seeing the artist in you blossom
Ellen – any song you take on – you handle every side of you equally. I thought it was a huge risk to change it that drastically, but I thought it was INCREDIBLE.
Kara – I thought that was fire.  It was like “building and building and building” but you sold the story and you were committed and you believed it. You made it relevant to this commercial and relevant. That’s what this show is about.  At the end of this show you’re going to make a record.
Simon – wasn’t as good as other three. Says it’s the sort of thing you sing in musicals.  (LOL) He said it made you go slightly backwards.  Too over the top and I’m confused as to what kind of artist you are.
Randy said it was very “Glee” Judges argue.  LOL
Dot – Simon is WRONG WRONG WRONG. And that’s that.

Mike – bad retort when Randy asks what do you think about Simon’s comment? “I think Simon wants to challenge me to a pec contest!”  Oh oh – that comment may have gotten you in a bit of trouble Mike!  You were so great tonight, but appeared as kinda cocky.  Oh oh. Fans don’t like that.

Back stage

5. Chrystal Bowersox
Has a bit of a cold (OMG – me too! For the first time in like 2 years!)
OMG -  you’re from a town of 1,500!  WOW!
“Mama sox, be sox”
Lee and her auditioned in Chicago together. They say she’s honest and kind and motherly.
“Come Together”
DIGGERIE DOO ! WOW! Big read one
You’re feelin’ a bit nervous to start.  I like the slight changes you made in the melody.
You made it through and it was fun, but not your strongest – but you’re FABULOUS.
Randy – another solid performance. I don’t know if it was your best…  you got into it as you went.  Digde was distracting, but it still won him over.  You’re in the zone
Ellen – loved the didgeredoo.  What is a new way to tell you how great you are?  You never cease to amazing me.   Good example of making it current.
Kara – one of my favs because… had a Bonnie Rait feel, cuz where you took the melody I never would have thought of. You were simling and playful, more accessible.
Simon – could hear it on radio (was Simon listening – Kara just said that)
Ernie Fields Jr makes an appearance – 3 days ago. Free lance. YOU HAVE TO DO CIRCULAR BREATHING for that.  Better than last week. 
Ernie gives 4 last blows in the dige while Ryan talks.
Dot – OH MY!  LOL!
Back stage. “don’t a digerie don’t, but a diggeriedoo”

6. Tim Urban

They love his smile. Wow – did Andy have a gay moment for Tim? That was FAB! LOL
I like that you’re not afraid to SHINE HONEY!
“All my Lovin”
This was a good song choice. Yeah – there was a pitchy note in there, but you didn’t even flinch when you sang it.
I’m glad you’re playing guitar tonight. This was a good idea.
Randy – was better than the last couple of weeks. Randy like your hair.
Ellen – perfect song choice. 2nd best after Halelujah.. and I thought you did very well.
Kara – Kara likes the guitar too – feels more honest. (Yep – I agree) Commend you for good attitude.
Simon – thought you did well with that song. Liked that there was no gimmick and you didn’t try to oversing it.  Sounded current what you just did. He likes that you take the criticism like a man. 

7. Casey James
They speak of his laugh and his hair
“Jealous Guy”
I like the arrangement… nice connection to the song. You’re always pretty consistent.  Solid. Not my fav, but honest and great enough to keep you out of bottom 3.
Randy – loves the sensitive vibe and side of you.
Ellen – your best performance to date. So soulful  You have a great voice and pretty hair (LOL) I wanted to feel you pour yourself into a song and sound great and that’s what you did. (good comment Ellent!)
Kara – you showed vulnerability.  Very tasteful on the acoustic. Showing depth and that’s what I wanted to see. You know you voice and when you want to take it there, you can go there.  You took yourself to another level.. still do it more.
Simon – the best performance of the night so far.  (Really? LOL) You are making ginormous growth.  You put your stamp on the song. Very impressed with you tonight.
Ryan asked him what he was thinking about while singing. “I was thinking about being a jealous guy.”  LOL.  (We wonder if he was every jealous in real life!  Of course he was!)

8.  Siobhan Magnus
They say she’s weird and interesting.  Unique.
“Across the Universe”
NOPE. But this is a new side of you eh.  Hmmm… Even thought you’re meaning what you’re singing, it’s a BORING SONG CHOICE and doesn’t fit with what you’ve been doing that’s successful.  And sharp on “world” every time it’s low. I hope your fans vote, cuz uh… this just isn’t why America likes you. That’s not what attracted people to you. Snore.
Randy – Nobody in this competition screams artist more than you – likes outfit. Likes the tender side and high note in “false” (meaning falsetto – which it was not. It was head voice. LOL)
Ellen – I’m a big fan of people who March to the beat of their own drum. You are talented and special.  I loved that it was different. Beautiful. Good job.
Kara – from a purely singing perspective – you hit the notes, showed control. Restrained and polite. We’re not used to seeing this from you. I’m trying to process this. Not sure you’d hear that on the radio – not current. I’m still a fan cuz you connected personally to it. Still trying to process (I agree with Kara)
Simon – asks what you were connecting personally to?  Talked about how connection to the lyrics.  You won’t change your person.  Nice testimonial. The crowd roars. .
Thought last week was disasterous.  If it was the first time somebody had seen you, they’d be a bit confused.
Dot – Well, I thought it was boring, but I like your hair tonight. LOL. 
OMG – a fan from the audience named earl stood up and hugged Siobhan!  LOL!  He had great projection.

9.  Lee Dewyze
Resident Worry wart
Lee and Andy – buddies. Both worry together. BEST FRIENDS.
“Hey Jude”
Wants to relate to this song – feels he can.
I think it’s a good choice. 
Okay – bad key. Lower ½ step would have been better so “sad song” would have had just the right
Looks like you’re having FUN WITH THIS HONEY! GOOD FOR YOU!
WTF bagpipes?  Why?  LOL. This is quite funny.   I feel like I’m back in Canada.  Wow – that Scottish babpipes man left the stage FAST! WOOSH!
Randy  - that guy was funny dude! I almost wore a kilt tonight. You don’t have to be nervous baby you got this. Please believe.
Ellen -  the confidence that you showed tonight and your smiles – so great… even when that guy got separated from his parade… LOL
Kara – I can hear you on the radio. That tone and when you go up there – you stretch yourself. It’s hot. It really is.
Simon – first dige and then babpies.  I wouldn’t have done that.  You were doing great, then the bagpipes showed up.  Was it your idea?  Reply “100%”
Ryan – why did you get the bagpiper?”
Lee “Why not man?”
Dot – yeah, that was FUNNY!  You know Lee, you’re a cool dude. Watch the movie “The Secret” so you can get in the top 3.  =P

My PREDICTIONS - Botom 3 – Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia, Tim Urban (Maybe Mike Lynch could replace Aaron - possibly)

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