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The Three Biggest Dangers Facing all Singers

Danger #3
Most Singers Don't Know Their Voice!

Knowing your voice means knowing your range (Highest to Lowest Note) and knowing where your "sweet spot" is.  Your sweet spot is the part of your voice that flows the easiest and sounds the best. If you have trained your voice, part of your sweet spot may be in the mix (or purple) region.  With proper training, you can also expand your range over time. 

Not knowing your voice can be dangerous, because you can hurt yourself straining, or trying to sound like someone you are not. In addition, if you do not know your voice, you will not have the confidence to sing all of your songs in a way that you can really shine in.

Watch the video below and do these exercises with me in frong of a keyboard to help find your range and sweet spot. 



How to Find Your Sweet Spot

Briefly, there are four major resonating cavities in your voice, not including the throat
1. Head
2. Nasal
3. Mouth
4. Chest

Generally speaking, you want your voice to have a balanced tone, meaning that none of these cavities stand out when you sing, but your voice is a nice full mix of each of them. Of course, as you move up to your first mixed region, you may need to use a slight nasal resonance to bridge the gap, but overall, your voice should feel balanced when you sing. I will be making more videos in the future to address tone. Overall, your sweet spot is the part of your voice that sounds the most pleasing. It depends on what notes you are singing, and your tone. A great way to balance your tone, is by resonating, which you can learn more about by using my Practicing CORE Vocal Power Audio Program.

There are three Main Regesters of your Voice.

These Registers Depend on what note you are singing and whether you are male or female.

1. Chest
(Avg. Women F below middle C to B flat above middle C.)
(Avg. Men Low E or F up about 2 octaves)

2. Middle, Mix, Purple
(Avg. Women High C to E or F)
(Avg. Men: E or F above middle C to about B flat or natureal)

3. Head
(Avg. Women: above high E or F
(Avg. Men: above high C)

* A fun quick way to find your break from chest to middle is by sliding from a low note all the way up a high note on "ah".  

Finding the Right Key of the Song

It is important to place your song in a key that suits your voice. In order to do this, simply find the lowest note of the song and the highest. Make sure you can sing both of these notes. Then place the song in the pocket of your voice that sounds the most pleasing - without having to strain. 

(This video is only a brief introduction on tone and how to find the right key. Stay connected to this page to learn more about this process).

Knowing your voice will help you be able to sing in the right key and feel comfortable in front of others when you're singing.  Have fun experimenting with these exercises!



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