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How to Overcome Nerves before Singing, Acting or Speaking Print E-mail

Dot's Vocal Training Q & A Series

I've been getting some really interesting e-mail questions from my online community. In today's video, I answer a question from a singer (Bryan C.), who believes he has a clear mind but still struggles with "butterflies" or nerves in his stomach when he performs. He believes these nerves make his voice sound weaker than it really is. And, he's right.

Th topic of nerves is something that I get asked about on a monthly basis and so I hope the video answer and suggestions will not only help Bryan C. but you too, because nerves are a good thing when you learn how to use that energy to your advantage!

Click Video to watch Q & A:


On American Idol this week, Charlie Askew got so nervous that he almost cried when he felt humiliated by the judges and the overwhelm of national television.  My heart goes out to him and even though he almost did lose it, I thought his performance was creative and entertaining.

And....even though I don't like to pick favorites, I'm keeping  my fingers crossed this year for Burnell Taylor, Candice Glover, and Lazaro Arbos.

By using the suggestions I make in the video above, you can be sure to be calm, centered, and grounded whenever you are being scrutinized or praised as a singer.

Write or video your vocal questions!  I want to help you, support you, and empower you on your vocal journey; and, this question/answer format has got me excited to do more of it. Therefore, I invite you to ask me your vocal questions and submit them either in writing or in video to for answers.

Let us know if this video was helpful for you and send more questions to

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