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Dot Todman is Located in Los Angeles, California.  She is an expert Vocal Empowerment Coach and specializes in Vocal Training.

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At Dot's Voice Studios in Los Angeles, you will get the fastest results as Dot steers the lesson around your vocal needs. You will see immediate results and gain new vocal insights and awareness.  You will also receive a FREE CD or mp3 download of your lesson and clarity about your voice that will help you take it to the next level.


To provide and utilize cutting edge, empowering tools that will assist in balancing the Mind, Soul and Body, allowing individuals to overcome blocks and create a strong, connected, free voice.


To provide a safe, fun, joyful place for individuals to feed their spirit, educate their mind and freely express their soul through the power of music.

To lift the vibration on the planet, creating more Healing and Unity in Humanity by using the power and intelligence of music, expressed in authentic vocal freedom. 

Dot’s Voice Studios
“empowering voices one soul at a time”

BIO: For The Right-Brained Readers! (Long Version)

Dot Todman - Los Angeles Vocal Coach

Well, I suppose when people read this section, they want to know where I’m from, why I do what I do, what my background is in teaching…and why I’m a so-called “qualified expert.”

I have to admit, I had another BIO I was going to put here, but it just didn’t resonate anymore: “From Toronto, Canada this singer, songwriter, certified teacher...blah, blah...” While it’s all true, I wanted to personalize my site a little more.

But, if you like traditional, shorter bios and you’re in left-brained mode – go ahead, click here to read!

The BIO below will be in my own RIGHT-BRAINED WORDS!

I’m tired of the third person stuff.  In real life, I see myself as an educated person who recognizes the power of her own vocal journey and has a gift for teaching and helping others step into the power of their own voice. My teaching has evolved dramatically since I began; today I have a deeper understanding of my own instrument.

I will explain the highlights of my vocal journey and I’ll do my best to condense.


I used to be horrified to sing in front of people when I was younger – I was very, very shy, but my outgoing brother could sing and play guitar in front of everybody. My mom encouraged me to sing because I did have a natural gift, but I had no idea at that time what it was. Even though I knew how to hit notes, and learned a ton from my mom (an amazing singer herself), at age 12, I knew nothing about vocal anatomy, the authentic connection, and true expression. But for whatever reason – people were moved by my voice, and they came to me. People listened because they thought that since I knew how to sing, I could teach...but could I?


I know there are many of you out there who probably can relate to what I said above. You teach because you know a few tricks, you want to help people who come to you, and it seems like what you’re doing works. I’m sure it does. Everybody has different ways of teaching and things that work for them. My challenge to all teachers, including MYSELF, is to keep growing and include what life teaches me into my craft. For example, I could not help people to resonate in a deep way, or even gain vibrato, before I knew how to do so myself. I also could not help people work through their emotional blocks to singing until I overcame my own. Once you find your own system that works, get deeper into it and know your instrument. Knowing your instrument is the first important step in knowing how to help others.


For whatever reason (maybe because I was very bossy at a young age and possessed leadership skills), I was put in the role of teaching at the tender age of 13. My peers listened to me and I gained confidence in what I was doing. I directed, wrote music and felt unstoppable, motivated and fulfilled. I went on to get three degrees and a Teaching Certificate (mainly because I kept changing my mind about what the perfect major would be! Hahaha!). I performed like a fanatic and traveled North America in some pretty fun groups and bands, TV, musicals, yadayada...

Even though I got all that experience and earned all of those degrees (and was actually teaching during that time) – looking back, I realize that I was only at the very beginning of my own vocal journey. What I will call the FOUNDATION stage. I didn’t really know my voice yet or why it made people cry sometimes. I just knew I had something (sometimes I would even question what it was) and I could help people to sing, but I would get sick a lot of the time and even lose my voice. My body was not happy with me. I hadn’t yet learned how to listen to it and connect authentically.

It was the life experience in University and beyond that gave me more wisdom than I could learn from books. I hadn’t quite processed it yet – but, I had self-discipline and I had earned the right to teach. I felt qualified and I cared a lot about people. The more I taught, however, the more responsible I felt to really give people useful tools, and I really wanted to help everybody find their true voice. Like many other teachers, I thought it was as simple as taking the drills I had learned and teaching them to other people.


Determined to develop the BEST TECHNIQUE in the WORLD, and find my own voice as well, I delved into VOCAL TECHNIQUE in a whole new way – reading books, watching videos, studying with world renowned coaches and attending workshops, seminars – you name it. I wanted to learn everything I could sink my teeth into! One day I realized that the greatest of all teachers were my students. Just when I thought I had “the perfect technique” figured out and had my lesson plan all ready, I would meet a student whose voice challenged my scientific knowledge, leading me to develop something new that worked for them. This happened ALL OF THE TIME, but one day I actually realized it was happening. Funny thing was, being able to help them was not hard for me. It was natural. Then I had to begin to look at what I was actually doing naturally that made people keep coming back, and how were they getting results so quickly!

I started to not worry so much about lesson plans, and to listen more carefully to my students. They told me things like, “Your teaching has changed my life.” Or, “I am so much more confident as a singer now, it’s just easier,” or “I never even liked my voice until I met you – now I’m doing things I never thought I could.” This was music to my ears! But, at the same time, it was a humbling, transformational experience to find that teaching “voice” was connected way more to an EMOTIONAL source than a physical one. All my years of schooling never taught me that, yet I had always known deep down. In turn, I felt more of a responsibility to listen to my own intuition and BECOME what I was teaching. Was my voice up to par? Was I APPLYING what I was teaching? Was I CONNECTED AUTHENTICALLY?  

This is where I have to condense. I’ll just say here: I had a very serious Near-Death Experience in September of 2007 that literally forced me to "wake up" and HEAL. Not just my body, but learning how to rebuild it meant gaining mastery over my limiting beliefs and choosing what I wanted my body to feel like and how I wanted it to perform.  It dawned on me that singers have to do the same thing, and this is where, through healing myself, I was able to take my students (and system) to a whole new level.  You can find the rest of this story in a book I'm writing that goes into more detail on my VOCAL JOURNEY. I'll be sure to let you know on my site when it comes out!

HOW C.O.R.E. Vocal Power® CAME TO BE:

I had developed all the tools, and I began crafting the formula that could apply to EVERYBODY who wanted to learn how to sing. It had to be integrative, because if your singing is going to be authentic then you have to make it a natural part of you. You don’t go into “singing” mode, you just sing. I realized that in order to sing, there has to be a level of EMPOWERMENT and permission of letting go felt from inside, or it’s not going to be a very pleasing experience. How do you teach Empowerment? I believe it's a choice. All I can do is hold that vibration and provide the tools in a safe environment for others to do the same.

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Importantly, I APPLIED my tools to see what worked for me and what didn’t. For example, LIP TRILLS were probably the best drill I learned – at age 13, but over time, I realized WHY they were important, and HOW I could do them better based on my voice. 

So, now after teaching, experiencing, growing, and continuing to apply what I know on a daily basis, I am happy to report that I enjoy a fun life of teaching vocal empowerment to amazing people. From singers, actors, teachers, children, teens to businessmen and everything in between! I love my work and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I think it’s the best job in the world, because every day, I learn something new and get to see the light turn on in people’s souls as they reach their own level of VOCAL MASTERY one moment at a time!

My Mission is simple – to empower voices – EVERYWHERE, one heart at a time! To me, this means just giving people the right tools to reach their fullest potential. When your VOICE is EMPOWERED, YOU are empowered! What else could be more important?


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Methods & Systems


Over the course of several months, as I learned more about how we use our brain, I was surprised to find that most of my students who saw the lady spinning to the right when they were singing, had an easier time getting through the drills and building their voice.  But even more surprisingly....

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