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Dots Voice Studios - Vocal Coaching In Los Angeles and California
dot todman celebrity vocal coach
Los Angeles Celebrity Vocal Coach

Discover how a Los Angeles Vocal Coach...

...can teach YOU the Science of Connecting to An Empowered Body!

Chakras and singing, toning, resonating and healing



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"Dot is a patient and compassionate master of musical expression...She is pure love, healing and inspiration. "

~Shane August,
Singer, Voice Over Guru, Composer
(Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston)

"From studying with Dot....I learned to empower my vocal ability"
~Victoria Justice ,
Actress, Singer
Victorious , Zoey 101, Spectacular, etc

"Dot manages to bring out the best in me"
~Taylor Graves,
Lead Singer, The Score


What is a Vocal Empowerment Coach?

A Vocal Empowerment Coach knows the best technical exercises for your unique voice and will also help you gain self-empowerment through awareness and mastery over the psychological, emotional and physical aspects of your voice.

Through Dot's Individualized C.O.R.E. Vocal Power® method, you will gain access to that extra edge, presence and star quality that lives in each of us, but only few of us discover!

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Individualized Vocal Training for Singers, Actors, Speakers & Hobbyists of all Ages, Styles & Levels!

Maintain, Improve and, Build Your Voice into Confident, Powerful Expression
with C.O.R.E. Vocal Power®

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Los Angeles Celebrity Vocal Empowerment Coach Dot Todman Offers
Private and Small Group Voice Lessons in Los Angeles & Culver City for all Ages, Styles and Levels. Serving Artists of all Genres, Children, Girl & Boy Bands, Studio Producers, Teachers, Choirs, Shows. etc. 


Dot Todman, one of Los Angeles' Top Vocal Coaches (Universal Records, MTV, Idol, etc), Certified Teacher and Pro Singer of over 20 years with a Triple Degree in Music, Theatre Arts Education and Psychology, developed C.O.R.E. Vocal Power® which will take you beyond vocal exercises and technique to help you tap into your true, authentic, powerful voice (CORE Voice), and address your unique vocal needs. Dot Todman holds individualized holistic private voice lessons and Vocal Workshops in West Los Angeles & worldwide via Skype & Phone .

This Holistic Celebrity Vocal Coach appeared as a guest on TV Guide’s Idol Chat and gave advice for American Idol ( singers.

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What is the World's First Mind-Soul-Voice Approach to Empowered Singing?

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(From those who attend Dot's Vocal Workshops and Private Voice Lessons)

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Dot's Voice Studios offers vocal training, auditioning preparation, singing classes, voice lessons, sound healing, energy and chakra clearning, life coaching and career building for children and adults. Dot's Voice Studios also offers public speaking skills, live seminars, workshops, presentation skills, online Skype lessons and counseling in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Culver City, Santa Monica, and surrounding areas in and around Los Angeles.